Where Is She

How did she get out? No one’s seen her. No one seen her leave. Where did she go? Now, where could she be? He thought silently to himself on a early October morning.
5 days earlier Miss Cordelia went missing. She was seen entering her house but never seen coming out nor standing in a window. She hadn’t answered her phone or made any calls. She didn’t answer the door. Worry was setting in.
Edgar, the most worried of all, her closest friend and the town detective was on the case. He was doing everything he could be still no sign of Miss Cordelia or where she had gone. She had been reported on the 3rd day of no one hearing from her. This wasn’t natural. She was a people person, always out and about interacting with everyone, there wasn’t a soul that she couldn’t make smile.
Today, the 5th day of her being gone, he got the okay to gather a team of police to go with him to search the house for any of where she had gone, that she was okay. It was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon when Edgar and the police were setting out to go check out the house. They had first checked the house for signs of any break ins, there didn’t seem to be any. With the spare key the landlord had given Edgar, he slowly opened the front door afraid of what they might see. He was nervous, hands shaking and eyes wide with fear of what may have happened but, he would go to any length to find out what has happened to his dearest friend.
Now, inside the house the group has split up to try to gather as much information as they can. Edgar dashed to her bedroom. Her phone was lying on the counter in the connected bathroom. Strange, she never goes anywhere without that thing he thought. Something was really wrong. Where is she, he sighed. With every look around her bedroom he grew more worried and fearful for his friend. All he heard was the people downstairs looking around, trying to find a sign with no luck. He was disappointed, surely there had to be a clue, she couldn’t have gone far, she wouldn’t leave all there things here, she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, all these things ran through his mind. He was dizzy from this overthinking, maybe if he could just breathe and think straight for a moment he would be able to find what he is looking for. Maybe he will find her, all he wanted was her back.
Suddenly, a scream, it was coming from downstairs. Quickly, Edgar ran. He ran down the stairs and to the kitchen where the screams were coming from. “There’s something down in the basement, Edgar.” Edgar silently walked down the stairs into the basement with his flashlight. Before he made it to the bottom, he seen what he didn’t want to see. “Call the ambulance! She’s alive but won’t be for long if we don’t get her help!”
The ambulance arrived shortly and Miss Cordelia was rushed to the hospital. She would be alright and everything would be okay. He found her, she was saved. Edgar was feeling so much relief, he could hardly wait to see her, speak to her, hear her voice. She had fallen down the stairs and had been there the whole time. She was bruised up and slightly dehydrated but, she was going to be okay. The doctors had her hooked up to ivs and she would soon be eating. How great, Edgar thought to himself. She’ll be going home tomorrow night.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019