Wandering the endless vast of Amula is an ever lonely journey, but not when you have company. Kikuri the eladrin, a young wandering scholar of alluring beauty with heterochromia eyes of Emerald green and Galaxy blue. Adorned in a vivid green cloak with complex design and textures that only make his gentle features even more beautiful as he travel with his Partner, Fae the Bard of Glamor, a famous musician with enchanting melodies. Kikuri and Fae met in fateful encounter at a lost and forgotten ruin, fueled by curiosity, giving birth to a beautiful friendship. The duo became renowned for their vast discovery of the hidden world such as the truth for the hostility of the Drow (cave elf) and presence of Tiamat, the tyrant dragon goddess. Though they are considered as great explorer, Kikuri is more feared as swordsman of unparalleled skills. Raiders with brains will avoid Kikuri, knowing that confrontation will only lead to their death. With this status that deter troubles and the love of his life by his side, life was all bliss. But cruelty and demise is ever iminent, for this is the way of life.

On their way to Shiva, an ancient temple lost in a relentless and harsh winterland. Unknown to kikuri though, he is being hunted by the “The order of the feywild”, a relentless society of non eladrin elves who wish to use kikuri, an eladrin, to revive the goddess of darkness, Tiamat. They planned to ambush him just before they reach the temple, for an eladrin(eladrin is a race of elves who have power to travel between all realm, allowing them to act a gatestone. But to due to the great rift war, eladrin were nearly wiped out, making their kind very rare.) is very important requirement to open the rift to the 9 hells, where Tiamat was imprisoned. As they’re nearling the entrance, a massive horde of drow began their ambush to capture the precious resource. Kikuri and Fae jump into action, Fae drew his twin scimitar and unleash hell upon his unlucky foe, taking them down one by one. Though Fae sword skill were impressive, it was sadly only a shadow compared to Kikuri’s. Kikuri easily dispatch each enemy by the dozens, his graceful movement, dancing upon the pool blood soaked snow. But even with their superhuman swordsmanship, Fae can only last for so long before he was finally hit by the blades of their enemy.

Now desperate for one of their survival, Fae used his last remaining power to teleport Kikuri far away from the ambush and then unleash a massive force of murderous energy upon his foe. Shocked by his sudden change of area, kikuri desperately ran back the where Fae is now. To his horror as he approach, he found Fae now laying down and bloodied. Kikuri gently laid Fae’s head on his lap. “You big idiot, that was very stupid of you” tears now filled in both of their eyes. But Fae didn’t respond as he raise his hand to touch Kikuri’s and he spoke his final words “live on not just for your sake, but for my own for I will always be by your side.”Fae was now dead. Everything went silent and the world seemed to stop as Kikuri now hold the lifeless body of Fae. Kikuri felt nothing as he simply stood up, lay down the now bloodied body of his lost love, and simply walk away to the temple.

Now alone in the harsh winter forest, Kikuri simply walk to his destination, no longer rushed nor in feared of being attacked. He is now a shell of what he was, no longer bounded by any emotion, only loneliness now linger within him. His phase of loneliness lasted for 4 whole days until a Voice, powerful yet gentle, echoes into his mind, saying “do you wish to be happy, to feel once again”. This voice kept on saying these words as he walked closer to the temple. But as he walked passed the first gate, the voice changed to anger as it begin a new phrase “DO YOU WISH TO EXACT VENGEANCE ON THOSE WHO DID YOU WRONG!!!!!”. Surprised by this voice, yet unfazed, Kikuri marshedon , noticing the weapons layed on the floor, rusted by the sand of time. But upon a second glance, Kikuri noticed dry black husk scatter over the area, they were dried pool of blood. For once in those agonizing 4 days, he felt a new emotion, it was curiosity and excited; though, these feelings were fleeting. “Whatever is in this temple, it sured did cause a lot of killing to even get in.”

As he enter the temple, a new voice emerge, this time, it was calm and empathy as it spoke “Do you wish to live with a new purpose”. The carvings on the temple’s wall began to radiate a icy blue glow, revealing the imagery of an ancient creature who was sealed into the very land, creating this winter waste land. Nearing the end of the temple, another voice spoke, similar to the others, but now filled with sorrow and melancholy, “Do you wish to not be alone.” as he enter the final area, his eyes immediately focus on two floating sword in the middle of the room. Though they are the shape of small swords, they are neither constructed of steel or any metal. But rather, one was completely made of silvery ice and the other of crystal clear water, a weird material for a blade. Driven by curiosity, Kikuri walked to touch the blade as the room became white and blank, with no doors to leave. As his hand made contact with the “swords”, it flash and float even higher they merge together to form a creature of dragonic looking origi with fangs of crimson red and scales of pale blue as his piercing white eyes gaze Kikuri as he began to speak in a gentle voice. “You are not the only one to have come here, but you have sacrificed the most. For that, I grant you my presence. What is that you wish to know?” Kikuri took a deep breath and simply asked “What is your name?” The creature paused then answer in an mournful tone “I am simply an entity of power and balance, I do not need a name. Now, do you wish to use my power.” Kikuri went to grasp the “blade” as he spoke “I will take your power, but under one condition. You must promise to alway be on my side, so we will never be lonely.” A smile emerge upon his face as he and the blades combine into one they goes into the swords that Kikuri was wearing “I accept your condition. But I do also have one condition, what is that you wish to name me.” As the creature fully combine with the two blade(of Kikuri’s), transforming the two scimitar into elegant blades with beautiful designs of water and ice, Kikuri smiled “you and I are now one. Your hopes are my mine. Your sorrow is mine. You will,no, we will be now known as Ultear.” Kikuri felt a gentle glow from the swords “I truly love that name, Ultear.” Ultear(aka Kikuri) smiled as he walked out the temple, noticing that the harsh winterland transformed into a lush forest of green and life. “ Let’s take the world by storm!!!”

Jeffersonville High School, 2019