The Night I Wandered

by Davia Doogarsingh

Walking along the just emptied street
Candy wrappers and stars are surrounding me
The crisp leaves splinter my numbed and barefeet
But the view is just too divine not to see

I become one with the ground and the smell of pumpkin circle around
Bugs crawl on my body and grass covers my back
My eyes begin to close and the moon is overtop of my frame

The sun begins to intrude
I need to get back
As I begin to stroll to my box, my feet trample over one another, guiding the bugs off

The outline of my residence is in sight
When I enter, all that fills the space is the faint scent of mourning
I close the blinds to block the light
My bag of bones collapse and I become food to the mice

Jeffersonville High School, 2019