The Black Dahlia: Interpretation

I tried to move the body over and hide it more in the grass. I wasn’t able to touch the body. It was like it wasn’t there at all even though I could see it. I knew the little girl and her mother were coming and I didnt want the child to see the cruciality. She would be scarred. What would they think?


The child screamed. I watch them cry and get someone to call the police. I watch the woman try and cover her daughters face and console her. I just stay there and watch the police and all the people who want to know what happened show up . The men are talking about who the women is and what happened to her. They say her name is Elizabeth Short. My name is Elizabeth Short. They start describing what happened to me.

It all comes back to me in a haze. A man, a man I knew, he bound me and showed me his tools. He laughed at me while I cried and asked him to let me go. He teased my fear by making small slices into my lower abdomen. Before I died I remember the feeling of him slicing my mouth. Where if I opened my mouth the sides were like flaps because he cut all the way through my cheeks and back to my jaw and ears. He said he loved me as he put the blade in my mouth. He said he loved me as he began slicing my stomach as I screamed and cried. I heard him muttering to himself as I lost consciousness and died. He was saying how I am at fault because I never wanted to be with him and how he was forced to do this because of me. When I died I could still see him and what he was doing to me. I could still hear his voice as I screamed at him to stop even though he could no longer hear me.

I watched as he drained my blood onto the concrete basement floor, where my blood went down the drain like nothing. He took all my insides out and scrubbed my organs and laid them out to dry. He was always smiling or humming to himself. He scrubbed my body clean to the point there was no blood from the cutting. He took my organs and put them back in me all neatly. He dissected me as if i was a project and not a person, as if I didn’t have plans to do and stuff to achieve. He peeled off patches of my skin off and put them into a jar to save, like a souvenir as if he accomplished something big. Dr. George Hill Hodel has done this to me.

When he started to move my body it started getting hazy again. It was like I fell asleep even though, I can sleep no more.

It was gruesome and disgusting what he has done to me. I was going to be big, I was on my way to be a known actress. Dr. George, he was a nice man to me before this. He used to buy me things when I needed them and could not afford to buy them myself. He used to invite me to go with him to events he would get invited to or events he needed to show up to. I used to visit him at his office when I needed to speak to someone, he always made himself available to me. His secretary always looked at me weird like I was doing something wrong.

Now I think maybe she was just worried about me. Like, maybe, she knew what he was planning to do to me. I go back to the men, I want to hear more.

They keep mentioning all my injuries and then questions arise about where I was right before this. But I remember, I was at the Biltmore Hotel. I was waiting for my sister there because she was coming into town to visit me. She didn’t show up for a while so I asked to use the hotels phone. I called her and when she finally did answer she said she got caught up because a friend was sick but she would try to come down the weekend after. So I got up and left, I decided I would go hang out at a bar and meet some new people. After a while, Hodel showed up. He told me he was at an event but left early. He asked if I wanted to go to another bar with him where all his friends were. We left in a car but he said he needed to stop by his house for some cigars. He invited me in, I said yes. I wish I was smarter to say no or to not ever speak with him. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face against the wall. He opened the basement door, grabbed me by my ankle and dragged me down the stairs behind him. Nobody heard me scream.


I want to tell the officers what happened and who was to blame. I scream at them, yelling that it was Hodel. I keep screaming but none of them flinch. They can’t hear me. All I think about is him doing this again to another girl. Another girl who will go through the same torture and miss everything she wants to do.

I fade away from the men and fade in to where Hodel is. He stands at his desk with his secretary. She stares at him terrified. I think she found out somehow about what happened to me because he starts threatening her. Saying he would do the same to her.

I want to move on. I feel bad for my family because they don’t deserve this sadness. I want him to be caught, but there is no evidence against him and nothing that they can find.

I fade away and finally see major Matt Gordon ,who has died all those years ago. I am content for I am with him again.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019