By Noelle Gray


The word of the day (supposedly)

If and when you fail a test

you’ll know what it means

I’m broadening my vocabulary

to prepare for state exams

I have a feeling I’ll flunk

Or maybe I’ve already flunked

Somewhere along the lines

Even the calmest places

look like tornado chaos

I think I’m the eye of the storm


But I can’t trust my gut

The last time I tried to descend steps

I fell flat on my face

My knees are weak like bolts

But I’m Atlas holding up my own world

But I’m beyond conventional limits

You cannot-I cannot- they cannot

fathom how I want someone

to punch me in the face or

hit me with his car or

throw me out of a window

high enough, just high enough

to make me know something



I’ve been so stupid.


Jeffersonville High School, 2019