Under Your Porch It starts as little scratches  Then the cries appear  Enjoying the silence becomes impossible, with all of the noise  In the winter, the wind is bitter…

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oya oya

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my poem in period 5

There was a father that was known for being cruel His wife was a mom to 9 kids of course she was their biological mother One day she didn’t…

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the book

Whilst investigating the death of a local lawyer, a generous lawyer called Richard Johnson uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed,  book circulating throughout Cornwall. As soon as anyone uses…

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only a faint memory (short poem)

May your soul come upon us to forever drift for when the time comes , the curtain closes a wilted flower on the table, a abandoned soul there is…

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Publishing CQA/ My Life Matters Too

I’m locked in this cold , dark room that’s filled with silence I have this fear in me that i will not show for any and everything I have…

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Publishing CQA/ Lake trip

It’s time for our vacation trip to the lake of Clearview town.Every single year we come here It’s dead. My youngest sister Alyssa doesn’t seem excited at all. Considering…

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