Listening Wall

I saw a man in black once He was painting with cans Putting the paint on me I saw him crying Muttering to himself Then he left   The…

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The Black Dahlia: Interpretation

I tried to move the body over and hide it more in the grass. I wasn’t able to touch the body. It was like it wasn’t there at all…

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stress Leandrea Wright

Stress I stress And you stress We stress together It’s normal It’s alright So just let it go And have a good night

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Where am i?

By leandrea wright Wednesday, this is the day everything changed. You think you know the world. The world you’ve grown up in. You assume you know the town you’ve…

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Two Strolling Geese

Two Strolling Geese    Two strolling Geese walking down the street  They do not even know their destination  But still they stroll on  Like two brothers they stroll through…

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Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb

Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb   Our story begins, again with Bill and Phil, two bums living off of the welfare of the government. It is a…

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Buzz buzz pull up on cuz It shines so bright blooming so well I reach each one, providing honey I stay so busy It doesn’t get easy Stomp stomp…

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It all started In a planet called Zatrie. A child was born his name was Ralph Lanyard.The first zatrie baby to have a superpower he could see everything and…

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None of my poems have meaning

None of my poems have a meaning Or a steady flow But i don’t think anything else i do Does either   All of the words that pour from…

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you die and you learn

  My name is astrid whitaker and i’m dead. I know you’re wondering how i’m writing this but if you didn’t already know, they have typewriters in hell. I…

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