Wilt to Grow Anew

by Jacob Austin   Drip drop drip drop, October rain will fall. Drip drop drip drop, and sickness comes for all.   Achew Achew, Cough cough cough cough, A…

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Need advice about everyday life? Boys, girls, homework, or just tips on how to make it through school? Please email me (461107@mygccs.com) any questions about anything you need advice for!!!!…

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Watermark Podcast Episode 2: Fall Movies

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Does the monster come to kill me?

By: Shelby Brunson Does the monster come to kill me I shout and the hallway echos Loud stomps echos I am terrified I try to make my way back…

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By Noelle Gray   The word of the day (supposedly) If and when you fail a test you’ll know what it means I’m broadening my vocabulary to prepare for…

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Beat of the Wind

By Gabby Senger   day after day i hang swaying back and forth dancing to the beat of the wind viewing the sunrise from a beautiful height reflecting on…

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The Cat

By Kaelin Miller One stormy morning I stood on my porch, I saw a cat, who is pitifully skinny I went in my home and brought him some meat…

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By Noelle Gray There are no good lunch tables There is never enough room They’re not really clean, too much ruckus, not enough time Too many people who dislike…

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by hazel dickey everyday i feel badder than bad im battered by things i cant do anything about   i feel muted im ruined my symphiney is over  …

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The Night I Wandered

by Davia Doogarsingh Walking along the just emptied street Candy wrappers and stars are surrounding me The crisp leaves splinter my numbed and barefeet But the view is just…

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