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Going Home

by Jessica McCormick The cars blinked at me as I cruised down the highway, the tears staining my eyes.  I was running; no one could catch me.  My mountains…

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Me And Gengar


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My Mother’s Affection

by Rachel Martinez   Vainly thinking I’m alone, Peeking through my toys. I creep into the kitchen, Careful not to make a noise.   His fists are limp and…

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From a Breeze

by Aaron Williamson   I once loved a snowflake. Delicate and drifting with the wind we wound, she was daughter to a withering drift. I, her cold breeze blowing…

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Venting 101

by Tyler Towns I’m afraid of the future I’m afraid that I’ll never leave here I’m afraid I won’t reach my full potential I’m afraid to be another statistic…

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