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Fiction: The Boy Who Can Fight

by Dylan Thompson

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Fiction: The Escape

by Joe Wales Daniel Westside is in a load of trouble. He’s been sitting in this tiny, smelly jail cell for almost 4 years now, and he’s had just…

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Fiction: Our Little Discovery

by Salena Limón     3:45 pm, it was after school on a Wednesday, the middle of the week. When it’s the middle of the week, it’s when I get…

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Illustrated Fiction: Graveyard Rising

Click here to check out Graveyard Rising by Rex Badger and Salena Limon.

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Song: Shively

By Bryan Taylor, Raven Lerit, and Dominic Zelli Bryan guides us through a story describing the life of the narrator and his friend Darius. Dominic made the instrumental and Bryan…

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My City, My City

By Tyrell Henley This piece of poetry is about my life growing up in St.Louis Missouri

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To Slay A Dragon

Click here to read To Slay a Dragon, an illustrated fantasy story by Rex Badger and Salena Limon

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A Vampire’s Tale

By Salena Limon As the sun goes down, and the moon appears, That’s when the living hides and avoids their fears. The color of blood is the famous trend,…

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