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My Old Friend

by Zoe Spiegel I probably looked lonely as a child, but I wasn’t. I never actively tried to make friends because I didn’t feel like I needed anyone by…

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Movie Review: Meet The blacks

Mike Epps’s Carl Black  who likes to shout his own name a lot is a cable installer from Chicago who steals a giant stack of cash and marijuana from…

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The Man in The Jar

Oscar Elliott I once knew a man who lived in a jar, for a stranger sight you’d have to go far. I asked him once, why he lived in…

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Prose Poem: A Brave New World

by Tyler Crim The sun bathed the land in its warm, radiant glow. The trees greeted the whirlwind of children below who scampered towards the cake sat on the…

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ancient Greek gods and goddesses

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  By Rex Badger All around me was darkness. A lone red light blinked above me which scarcely illuminated the dark room that I was held captive in. The…

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Growing Up Playing Football

Oscar Elliott Coming up as a young child I always loved to play, throw, and kick the football. My mom and dad signed me up for flag football when…

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Poetry: Images of Daily Life

by Kayla Broy & Ashley Ruppert Click here to see our short poems..

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Fiction: Getting Away

  by Kayla Broy All Sarah wanted was to graduate early and get away from her boring town. But her mother wouldn’t let her no matter how hard Sarah…

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Poem: Hard Hits

by Adriana Westbrook   Cold and lonely, Warm and homely. His soft touch makes you shiver, But the raise of his fist makes you quiver He is often nice…

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