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A Peek Into My Life

by Camry Joiner   Hi my name is Camry Ì call my bestfriend at my job Ambee Bambi Working is my favorite thing to do But  Ì dislike the…

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I Love You

by Leandrea Wright           Even when i really hate you Even more than the color blue   I love  certain watching shows But only the…

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The Adjustment

by Tempestt Hill   Everyone’s friendly at first, and treat you so kind. But everyone’s not trustworthy, well at least in my mind. Searching for an imperfection, only to…

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Fiction: Little Girl Blues

by Leila Bridgewater Sophie smiled up at her mother as she dropped her off at the front of her new school. This wasn’t really new to her as her father…

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Audio: Story Reading

by Leila Bridgewater and Autumn Webster  

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Fiction: Summer Edition

by Autumn Webster   This was too much for the twenty-two-year-old college student. He was traveling abroad, and though he’d heard that America was the world hub for crazy…

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Mexico Vs. America

My life changed drastically after I moved the U.S.A when I only though Mexico existed since a young age. Click here to view.

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Fiction: What I Want

by Brittany Worrall Finn Jackson was just a normal teenager, worrying about friends, family, girls, and most importantly grades. The thing is, it wasn’t really him that was worried…

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Fiction: The Grass Isn’t Greener

by Adriana Westbrook The Grass Isn’t Greener   Peyton Raymond was raised in Seymour, a small town in Indiana. Peyton was on the cheerleading team and involved in many…

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Song: That’s a Gravvy!

This action-packed 8-bit-video-game-in-space themed song was produced by Dominic Zelli. Bryan Taylor contributed the vocals and sound effects that drive the narrative. Raven Lerit created the spectacularly groovy album…

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