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The Monster Under the Bed

by Amber Gillenwater “Tommy, come on! Let’s get to bed,” Mother called. Tommy glanced up from his toys, a small frown pulling on his face. “But Mother,” he whined.…

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by Simone Brady   I have to imagine flowers where scars could be, Green stems in my hands versus the razor in my fingers, Rose petals instead of beading…

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Little Feet

By Ashlyn Weber   With the tiny steps that a child takes Will help him slip and hide away The giant beast nearly awakes The baby doesn’t think he…

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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

by Bernice Umukiza   Mirror mirror on the wall Tell me I am beautiful Tell me that this face I have Should not change but stay as is.  …

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Coming To Senses

by Allison Ingram   You hated the life you were living.   You know you shouldn’t let it affect you, yet it still did, anyway. It happened every day,…

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A New Beginning

by Winter Wheeler “What’s her heart rate?” The lights and sounds were so far away I could feel myself detaching from my body. The world around me felt like…

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100,492 Miles from Home

by Madeline Paul Approximately twenty years ago, a nuclear war broke out between North Korea and the United States. The result was total devastation: no more countries, no more…

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Just Like You

by Josiah Pohl The greenish blue atmosphere filled the horizon of a flat wasteland. On that horizon you could see the existence of some other mysterious worlds and moons.…

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Back In Time

by Audrey Collier “Welcome to Mcdonald’s, may I take your order?” This was everyday life for me, considering I worked forty hours a week to help support my family…

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“I’m Just Trying to Run my Show!”

by Alexa Roach “I’m Dude Ferrari, and that’s all for tonight’s episode of Teahouses, Taverns and Truck Stops!” Click. A satisfied smile made its way across Dude Ferrari’s face…

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