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The Battle

By: Keonna Collins As the doctor entered the room I knew what was going to come out of his mouth was nothing but bad news. He sat down on…

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Greed – A ClusterF%$# Of Words

Greed   Finn was an eleven-year-old child with no friends, no money, and no love. He lived with his unemployed mother and no one else. He never had a…

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A Life Living With Powers

By Kiley Price It’s morning and as i’m getting ready for school I hear my drunk step dad pounding on my bedroom door. I turn my camera on and…

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The Generation Project

By: Cameron Walker   A blinding light blared above my face that made it impossible to open my eyes without squinting. The atmosphere around my body was freezing, especially…

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By Gunner Harbin Knowledge. Out of everything in this world knowledge has had the greatest impact to human history. Even the very knowledge of the past helps us. On…

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  By Emili Croft Then one day, he left the door unlocked when he went to work. I knew this was my one and only chance. So, I ran.…

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The Fire

By:Kennedie Hudson   It’s the start of the new school year. I was behind and was supposed to get held back because of the fire but I did summer…

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The Desk

By:Brandon Delgado   I didn’t want my life to end like this, so soon, so alone. If only I hadn’t taken that desk. If only I had known what…

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Honest Hour

by Femi Kareem   To be honest, I feel lonely   My hands tremble from being cold and boney   I don’t relate to anyone remotely   Searching for…

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This House

by Kaitlyn Turner   We had known it was coming for a week.   “It ain’t taking this house ,” My grandfather said,” And even if it does, i’m…

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