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Sticky Honey

The honey from the sugary hive dribbled Brought a sweetening smell throughout the forest Calling to the joyful bear He stopped walking through the plants He wiggle his nose…

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Frozen Music

A single tree dances In the winds music While all the others Stand still in time She reaches out To the frozen trees Her touch is as warm as…

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The One Not There

The One Not There By: Colten Ray Conner Every month or so I have this feeling I abhor. Of something skulking right outside my door. I hope of glimpsing…

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Night in the moonlight

Night in the moonlight By: Vichea Raksmey Under the sky of night I embrace the malefic moonlight Alone in a campsite I wonder in fright Until you laid into…

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by Keonna Collins   Depression is like war You continue to battle But only against yourself Every thought is a bullet Every movement is a punch And every word…

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A Minor Suggestion

Dear Mother Nature I love and I know you have your reasons But I can’t help but ponder as to why you ef’d up the seasons I mean, In…

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Mother Nature

    By: Kiley Price   The sun shone through the trees. There were no leaves Only a slight breeze. I sat under the tree with glee As happy…

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The Lost Ponytail Holder

By Emili Croft My ponytail holder, I just had it on It was just on my wrist and now it’s gone. Where did I leave it? Was it stolen,…

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The Tree

By: Mairin Klaus   He planted a seed, In the middle of Summer. The air shimmered with heat Without a cloud in view. He toddled through the meadow. With…

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A Yellow Friend

Sitting in the grass With a stalk that extends Past the sky’s end With a xanthous hue, Too bright for me Leaves are very few But petals reach to…

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