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Last Night

The night black as tar with the looming feeling of death. I can hear the moths banging on the bright light post, the banging sounds as gunshots in a…

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First hit

Friday night just coming out from school I can hear my coach talking but i’m not paying any attention I can feel butterflies in my stomach I can feel…

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Roses are red, Violets are blue, Colors are beautiful, And so are you. Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare, A beard is curly, And so is your hair.…

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I am the one

I am one the one you will come to know, I was there when you were born where you were just an infant so happy and so joyful, but…

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She trudged through the briny water vague sirens growing louder, She scanned the corpse-grey horizon Feeling her feet slowly sinking into The grainy sand, She got onto the board…

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It’s the 2016 summer, The skies are blue, the air is fresh. “One dance” by Drake is playing on the radio. The sunset is as pink as a starburst.…

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Game winner

Game Winner The ball bounces in the court, The clock winding down as we scurry back and forth. I look to the ball handler, I analyze his eyes, He…

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Christmas is a day in the winter It’s a day where its mostly snow outside Although it’s freezing all night The children love snowball fights Bright colors everywhere Laughter…

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Broken Glass Heart

Broken Glass Heart Once the glass fragmentized on the tedious wood floor Everything started to altercate my ruminations Maybe I was deprived of my sanity I did not see…

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Bloody Cherries

I remember a breeze Flowing through the cherry trees How peaceful it was Petals and cherries dropping onto the ground Leaving a whole river of blossoms Saw a squirrel…

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