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Society and the Trials of Man

Picture a moron. A barnacle on the underbelly of civilization, often paralized by the mere presence of simplicity. His curiosity seemingly without bounds, yet again engulfed by a confounding…

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I do not have a Beard My facial hairs are Weak Sometimes I Laugh At the children,There tiny hairs so isolated and Meek Almost like that of a desert…

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Welcome To The Room

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  Here i am standing still Waiting for the room to quiet Anytime i try to talk, I’m unheard. As if the whole world is ignoring me. Surrounded by…

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Under Your Porch It starts as little scratches  Then the cries appear  Enjoying the silence becomes impossible, with all of the noise  In the winter, the wind is bitter…

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In The Street

I walk through the street in the neighborhood I see in the middle of a street a grave In the street it is dark In the street i hear…

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oya oya

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my poem in period 5

There was a father that was known for being cruel His wife was a mom to 9 kids of course she was their biological mother One day she didn’t…

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“You’re A Diamond Me Crazy!”

While I was on a plane to Dallas last week, I vividly remember yawning as we were landing and as my ears popped, it distinctly sounded exactly like the…

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