A New Beginning

by Winter Wheeler

“What’s her heart rate?”

The lights and sounds were so far away I could feel myself detaching from my body. The world around me felt like a foreign place. With every yell and touch I could feel a shock of pain surge through my body this can’t be real. I was just on the way to the hospital for the birth of my adopted daughter.

“She’s bleeding!”

“Shock to 200! Clear”

“Please baby make it through this…”  

The day had started out fine with no arguing and a good night’s rest. I had thought that today was just going to be like any other day. Get up, make breakfast for my husband and drink coffee while watching the morning news. That has been my routine for every day off i’ve had from work. Nothing changes, it’s all been the same for as long as I can remember. We’ve always wanted a baby but as the years went by and work always increasing we never had the time to take care of one. But these past few years we have been talking to an adoption agency and have been waiting for a call any day now to tell us a family has chosen us to raise their baby.

I felt my husbands arms wrap around my waist and him rest his head on my shoulder.

“Goodmorning, beautiful.”

“Hello darling, Did you sleep good?”

“Yes, how about you? I kept feeling you get up last night.”

“Well i couldn’t….”

Buzzz buzzzz buzzz

“Hold that thought, honey.”

“Hello? Yes this is he.” I heard my husband say into the phone.

“Oh my! Are you sure? Okay I’ll tell her right now.” He hung up the phone. I was looking at him with curiosity waiting for whatever the person on the phone had told him.

“Honey we’ve been chosen! They are having the baby today.”

I let out a scream of joy and begun getting baby stuff together that we figured would eventually come in hand. The hospital is almost about two hours away. Within moments I had everything needed. We were in the car on our way. This had been what we’ve been waiting for. A new chance at a life that we hadn’t experience. I grabbed my husband’s hand and closed my eyes. This was going to be a new beginning for us.  I must’ve drifted off because when I woke up all I could hear on the radio was that a earthquake had occurred in California. That has left several families without a home. Just as I was listening to the radio I begun to see that my husband’s facial expression had become very serious. I started to realize the car was going incredibly fast. I looked at my husband very concerned and asked him why he was going so fast.

He looked at me and just from his eyes I could tell something was wrong.

“James, tell me what is wrong.”

“It’s the baby. They called while you were asleep honey. The mother is having problems with the birth and they don’t know for sure if she or the baby are going to make it.”

“How much longer do we have till we get there?”

“About another ten minutes.”

“Okay it’ll be alright slow down. Wouldn’t wanna crash that wouldn’t help anyone.”

I leaned over to kiss him and I will forever regret taking his attention off the road. Just as our lips touched a car slammed into ours as we accidently ran through the red light only a few streets away from the hospital. I felt the world turn around us as the car rolled. Nauseating to feel the glass from the windshield cutting my face and arms. I felt the car sit right and blood began to drip down my face. I looked over at my husband to find him with only minor scratches and possibly a broken arm from the way it was weirdly twisted the wrong way. I looked down at myself and screamed.

A shard of glass was piercing my stomach I begun to realize just how bad our accident must’ve been.  I could hear the crowd gathering around us their gasp and my husband yelling for help. Shortly after i saw paramedics arriving and could hear the sirens that engulfed us.

“Move back! Move back!”  

I felt myself be unbuckled from the car. I went to say to them that it wa an accident that this wasn’t supposed to happen that we were going to greet our new child. I wanted to tell them that the day had started out like normal.

But all that came out was gurgled sounds as blood poured out of my mouth.

They laid me on the bed in the ambulance and got to work fast getting vitals and asking my husband questions about my medical history. As he answered he squeezed my hand.

“She’s bleeding!”

“Her heart rate is falling.”

“Shock to 200! Clear!”

When I woke up I found myself surrounded by blank white walls. I found my husband laying with his head on my bed. I lifted my hand and ran my fingers through his hair. Startled he jumped up and looked at me.

“You’re finally awake! I love you so much. I’m so sorry for the accident.”

“We are alive that’s all that matters. How long have I been asleep?”

“About a three days. You had a lot of trauma.” He kissed the top of my hand when he finished talking.

“And what about the baby?”

“Well we need to talk about that actually. When I knew that you were safe and out of surgery I went and found the mother. But when I walked into her room I saw her holding the baby and she so happy. I told her about what happened and told her that she should keep the baby. That it had seemed that she has fallen in love with the child.”  

“She was?”

“Yes, honey. Maybe in a few years we could try again.”


Jeffersonville High School, 2019