A day without a phone

I woke up and started to get dressed, as I finished getting ready for the school I realize my phone is gone. For the next 20 minutes I tear apart my room and it’s nowhere to be seen. I try tracing my steps but still couldn’t find my expensive phone. If my mom finds out my phone is lost she will be furious, because she paid for it 2 months ago. I walk to the bus still trying to figure out where my phone could possibly be to no avail. Sitting on the bus my mind racing, feeling of indifferent swarms my body. While everyone looks down at there phone i’m the only one looking up. Hands for the first time in 2 months start to grasp for a phone that’s not their. When school starts my mind doesn’t know where to look but soon start focusing on my works. This change, without my phone is moreless good for me because it brings everything into prospective. All the new technologies which are supposed to help us are actually hurting us, making us change into needing them. By lunch I feel myself constantly reaching for my phone, I also start having better conversations with my friends. At the end of the day all my work was completed which usually never happens, and slow start to remember that i have to go home and tell my mother that I have lost my phone. When I walk inside my mom is watching tv and asks me how was my day. I told her how I got all my assignments done and how I lost my phone, she looks up with a smile on her face and hands me my phone. I was lifted up with joy that I know got my phone and she told me that i left it in the car and she found it while driving to work. Thats was the day without my phone!

Jeffersonville High School, 2019