Where am i?

By leandrea wright

Wednesday, this is the day everything changed.
You think you know the world. The world you’ve grown up in. You assume you know the town you’ve grown up in like the back of your hand. Then everything changes. You realize that you know nothing. At least that is what happened to me.
My mom and I were driving down the street we drive down everyday. “Roll your window up Sarah” she said to me. It was January and she was blasting the heat, ignoring my comments about it being too hot. We argued constantly. We never got along or could agree on anything.
Coming up on our street, the car starts to shake. All of a sudden it is pitch black. It’s eleven in the morning and it’s pitch black? I was more than confused. Faster than i could blink it’s daylight again. This time everything is different. the road is the same but all of the houses are gone. All the people are gone. I don’t know where we are. “Mom where are we?” i asked her. She turns around with fear in her eyes and says “i have no idea sweetie.” in that moment i was terrified.
As we continued driving down the road i saw people but they weren’t like us. They had sheeps walking with them and some were riding on horses. We had the only car. I was so confused. It was something i had never seen. it was almost like we traveled back in time. But i knew that could not be possible.
As we pulled up to a what seems like a run down stand up shack i asked the man at the counter, “hello sir do you know the date?” he looked at me a little puzzled but said “yes mam it’s january 1917.” i turned to my mother too see if she had heard what he said and by the look on her face i knew she did. As we were leaving the store we were both speechless. We got into our car and realized we were almost out of gas. “Oh no.” mother said. I knew what she was talking about. There was no gas station. What were we going to do?
Soon after that about 20 miles down the road we were out of gas. We were in what would have been Louisville Kentucky. We started walking. We were gonna need food soon but nobody understood our currency. We needed food. All we had on us was our wallets, our keys, and our phones, which are useless.
After walking about 30 more miles in was now dark outside and probably around three in the morning. We came across this house. It was a small cottage like house that had shutters on the windows and a tiny door. When we knocked on the door a sweet old lady opened the door and tiredly asked “ can i help you sweetheart?” I felt bad for waking her but we were starving and could walk much longer on little to no food. We asked the old lady who later told us her name was caroline if we could have something to seeming we had no money.

She kindly gave us some bread and water to help us. She offers for us too stay the night. In the morning when we all wake up and we thank her. “Thank you caroline…..” i realized i didn’t know her last name. “ Caroline Smith” she said. Then it all made sense. She was our great great great great grandmother. I wanted too tell her so much. Who’s gonna believe that we came from the future. It was pointless. My mom was amazed as well. I was so scared. We were leaving and had nowhere to go.
We began walking back to our car. Trying to figure out a way to get home. We sat in the hot car for hours. It had to be at least ninety degrees outside. Having nowhere to go that night we slept in the car. The next morning i thought i was going to be sick from not eating for two days.
I was really scared. I just wanted to go home. I could tell my mom was scared. That only made me even more scared. We were trying to figure out a way to get home. I had the idea that we walk down the road that we were driving too get here. I’m putting all my eggs in one basket. This is the only thing i can think of.
I pitch the idea to my mom and she agrees. We both decide to start towards that road. We walk for at least two hours then me and mother realize we had forgotten the name of the street. This is our only way home. Without that street we are stuck here. I try to retrace our steps and try my hardest to remember the name of the street.
We end up passing this tree that i feel looks familiar. As i’m walking towards the tree with my mom trailing behind me we both feel this jolt like being struck by lightning. Once again everything goes black. When me and mother finally come too we realize that we finally made it home. We are exactly where we left off. We do not even care that we left our car. We start the walk too our house. When we finally get home we check the date on the calendar, It’s now February 2017. We were gone for a month in our world!!
I then remember the old lady that helped us and decided to look through our old family photos. I walked into the hallway and grabbed the string that brought down the stairs that led to the attic. When i come up there after moving through all the cobwebs i finally found the light. I go to the old tub holding all our old family pictures in it. I go though the old books too find the right year. After i find the book i flip through the pages, and there she is. Caroline Wright is standing in the same house i was at just a few days ago. Family sticks together, always.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019