by Francisco Gomez

Ever since his grand-mother died, Frank has been desperately looking for a way to communicate with his grandmother Elizabeth. Ever since moving to his dream home, Frank has noticed a presence in his new home. To Frank, the logical conclusion for this ghostly presence is that it must be his grandmother Elizabeth who must be attempting to communicate with him. Extremely late at night footsteps can be heard going up and down the stairwell. This can be scary for most, but Frank is excited because this confirms his speculation that his grandmother may be trying to contact him. As he lays on his bed, Frank examines every single noise learning new sounds and possibilities with each beat of the grandfather clock in his living room. Everyday Frank walks around the house patiently and slowly looking for sounds and watching for any changes in temperature, extreme and unexpected temperature changes indicate a ghostly presence. This is particularly exciting because Frank is convinced these are clear indications of ghost or spirits  present.

Although he has not experienced erratic temperature changes, Frank remains optimistic that one day he will experience such phenomenon. This has become a morning routine, everyday at 6:30 AM, Frank roams the house exploring for any disturbances throughout the house examining every corner of the house hoping to catch a glance of whatever is in his home. Recently the sounds and temperature changes have significantly increased causing drastic changes in atmosphere; Last night was extremely brutal for Frank, his home temperature dropped 30 degrees from a healthy 72 degrees to 42. After discovering that his heat was not working, Frank and his cat Martha, were forced to sleep together next to the fire place. Last night was ruthless for both Frank and Martha but it was exactly what Frank had been anticipating for weeks.

Today Frank decided that he should investigate the property in which he lives, look for previous owners and scavenge for anything useful in his investigation. Walking into his local library Frank reminisced about the times he and his Grandmother would come to the same library and indulge in all of the books that the library had to offer. It was a saturday morning, mildly cold, but Frank knew through the course of the day it would get progressively warmer so he only brought a light sweater. He began by looking through old newspaper articles of the town, discovered many articles of people brutally murdered and many of which depicted people who had disappeared into the darkness. But Frank was not prepared for what he was about to uncover, underneath one of the articles depicting a gruesome murder a few years ago was a newspaper with a picture of his home as the front headline.

Quickly putting the rest of the newspaper articles aside, he read the headline “Massive Witchcraft Ritual Kills Family of 5” in Frank’s home. A quick research adventure developed into a nightmare, at this point it was clear to Frank that what was in his home was not his deceased grandmother. He quickly read through the article and discovered a massive witch coven that lived in the neighborhood and performed witchcraft rituals which sacrificed young families in his home. Frank’s face turned pale with a ghostly appearance, he was mortified.

On his way back home he kept thinking of what would happen now that he knew what was haunting his home, he was puzzled and did not know what he could do to get rid of this evil presence. That night it was impossible for frank to fall asleep but he did not do his usual walk through the house looking for any changes in temperature. It was not necessary anymore he knew there was a ghost, an evil one. That morning he noticed his cat Martha had not woken up, he checked her bed to see if she was still asleep but she wasn’t there, he looked through the house and noticed blood streaks going down the basement. As he slowly walked down to the basement the blood streaks became progressively larger until he came to a complete stop, he noticed in the distance it was Martha. The cat had been stabbed in the stomach numerous times and it was obvious she was dead. Frank was speechless, nothing to say.

After properly disposing of the body Frank took the day off and refused to go into work that day. It was clear to Frank that whatever was in his home was dangerous, but he was conflicted because he didn’t have the money or resources to move out. Through much deliberation he decided he would stay in his home, while working on a way to get rid of the evil spirit.

That night Frank thought of all the possibilities, he thought of moving out and getting an apartment but he was discouraged to think he would lose his beloved house and most of his mortgage.

He called different people including his best friend Camille who directed him to a local psychic who could come to his house and give him more information. Early that morning Frank called the psychic she was polite and courteous and asked Frank a series of questions, which ranged from when he moved in to how much he had researched on the house. They scheduled a visit later that day and asked for Frank to walk with her through the house. Frank was anxious but he patiently waited until the time came for Marla to come through the house, Marla was a psychic medium, she can see and sense anything paranormal. When Frank saw the black slick and polished Mercedes Benz pull up the driveway he was confused, a tall, thin woman in her late twenties stepped out of the car. Frank did not know what to expect, he had a  vision of Marla being much older and different but this was a regular person anyone you can find on the street. Frank greeted Marla and explained what had happened the day before with his cat Martha, Marla was shocked and expressed her concern for him.

Marla begin by explaining she could sense someone on the second floor, where the bedrooms are, and so she insisted in going there first. They walked slowly and carefully upstairs looking up at the dark abyss that awaited them at the top, but Marla seemed unbothered. This gave Frank the courage to continue going up until Marla came to a halt, she stared at the dark corridor that led to the master bedroom. Marla expressed her concern by attempting to explain what she was seeing, she seemed uncomfortable. Marla expressed what she was seeing, it was a creature that had never been human, of great evil, traditionally used in voodoo practices in Africa. Marla went on and refused to name what it was because she explained there was great power in saying its name, saying its name could bring upon a great ordeal. Marla instructed Frank to leave the house immediately as she rushed to the front door and into her car, she continued to stress the great danger of this evil spirit and her amazement that such entity was in his home. This wasn’t a surprise to Frank, he knew there had been witchcraft rituals in his home and they had likely summoned the spirit. Frank was conflicted because although he knew he was in great danger he wanted to fight whatever was his home, and refused to believe a power he could not see could cause him any harm. That night it was impossible for Frank to concentrate, even his breathing was uneven, it was clear something was wrong. His lungs seemed heavy like a pile of bricks pulling at his chest and all he could think of was the string hanging from his feet. It was a blur the next few minutes his mind went dark, “I should have listened” he thought to himself after all Marla was correct, the entity was of great evil but Frank was not prepared for what happened that night. He was gone.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019