Two Strolling Geese

Two Strolling Geese 
Two strolling Geese walking down the street 
They do not even know their destination 
But still they stroll on 
Like two brothers they stroll through nature 
Facing monstrous mountains and storming weather 
But through it all they still stroll on and on and on 
But they face their greatest challenge at Jeffersonville High School 
The two strolling Geese had never met the might of student drivers leaving school at 2:30 
Standing near the lightpost they watch the cars zoom by 
One Geese starts to walk on the street but quickly runs back 
They sit and meander  
Eventually brother Geese decides to take the leap of faith 
He uses his wings and strides through the air 
He almost clips the oncoming car  
The car honks, BEEP BEEP 
And boom, the Geese safely lands on the pavement across the street 
He motions for brother Geese to come 
After minutes pass brother Goose manages to make it across  

Jeffersonville High School, 2019