Through the gate

by Nathaniel Zimmerman

Blaring sirens and flashing lights overwhelmed his senses, the yells of men and sounds of distant explosions filled his ears. My  eyes darting back and forth across the display. Holographic images of ships lighting up his face.  The loud sirens rang in my ears, time itself was grinding to a halt, the chaos on the bridge was more than I could handle. I gripped the table, my heavy breathing the only thing I can fully . A hand grasped my shoulder,

“Sir, we need orders!” he shot up, it was his Chief. “Sir?” the captain overlooked the bridge, men both working diligently at their posts, others standing and waiting for his orders. I gave my chief a hard stare.

“give me a sitrep” the chief nodded and moved to the table, he began typing on the display. Holograms flashed to life, fields of red and blue dots filling my vision.

“This is the enemy’s current position” the chief pointed to the field of red dots “they’re pushing in from the galactic east” looking at the display it was evident that we were heavily outnumbered, it was clear that the end was nearing of us.

“Any word on the project’s completion?”

“As of now it’s still finishing final preps” he gestured to a circular object on the display. “Refugee ships are loaded and ready to go through as soon as it opens”

Scratching my brow I turned to the chief “pull us back to the defensive line, we’re in to bad a shape to fight right now” the chief gave me a quick salute and began barking the orders towards the bridge crew. I retreated to my office, the small space offered me a sense of security. “We’re facing extinction, and i’m here sitting in my office alone.” i berated myself, i knew i should be out there leading my crew, but the last 2 years of war have left me exhausted. My chief is still young and vibrant, i trust that he can handle it. I turned to my computer, the holodisplays showing a list of damage and casualty reports, “to many” i whispered. I skimmed through the reports; Hull fractures, weapon cartridges depleted, shield capacitors strained. The ship wasn’t in fighting condition anymore. With the project almost complete, we just have to delay the enemy for a few more hours, easier said than done. 

Jeffersonville High School, 2016