The Untold Story of Enderfella

Once upon a time a beautiful princess from far far away looking for love but stuck at home working very hard, her father is married to a abusive authorized step mom with 3 kids of her own.The step mom is so cruel she told the beautiful princess she can’t go to the fall dance a big event where the town comes together and dances, eats food, also where every single prince from all over comes to pick a wife. But one day the princess wasn’t gonna take that nonsense no more. So she waited until her step mom and step sisters left, sadly by this time her father has already passed, went makes her life even more tough. But with everything going on she had the courage to get dressed all nice in her white sparkling glowing dress that had blue strips of gold going across the dress but after she got got dressed, she left to go to that fall dance. When she got there everything was great she danced and ate the same ole fair food everyone eats and she even got chosen surprisingly to be married by a prince until one of her sisters poisoned her, uhhhh! Wow how shameful long live the beautiful amazing enderfella.

Oh! Boo Hoo! oh special enderfella the wanna be a pretty princess.The real story is the one i’m about to tell you not the one enderfella told you.It started when she said.(stay out my way and don’t forget I get the sparkly dress you can get the old dusty dress)Not fair you always get wear that dress for any special event!.She thought I was the ugly one! But honestly everytime I look in the mirror it cracks all because of how gorgeous I am! But anyways back to the story so my sweet and innocent mother was cleaning so hard as she always does got interrupted and slapped all because enderfella didn’t like the way my sweet mother cleaned. What a shame! How could someone do that to a sweet and innocent women. But me with my sweetheart helped my mom and took care of her.But this week was a big week for everyone because it’s the fall dance where the town comes together and the most important part is getting picked to be married by a prince ughhhh! But with that going on enderfella was going berserk and even more cruel than ever.She was throwing prissy fits, she made sure her hair was oh so perfect, she even got one of the best hairdressers killed due to one messed up piece of hair. Shake my head! Some princess she is.Anyways skip to the  fall dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with my family until all the dancing went along they went dancing and I stayed back so I could go to the bathroom and make sure I looked all set, and ready and to make sure I looked out of this world. So after I freshened up I went back outside and started dancing but of course enderfella being all sweet oh honey over there with all the princes like it’s crazy she’s already over there getting all the attention and laughs, but little do they know she’s actually a shrew. So when I seen prince hamster the hottest,so charming, the one everybody wants to be married by! Leave for the bathroom I tried to make my move on him.It was working until miss little everything enderfella came and ruined my moment.She grabbed my slipper and through it in the pond, then poured orange juice on me.The whole dance was ruined. I ran away I sat on some steps by a barrel all upset crying until Prince hamster found me and sat by me and talked to me and then took me back to the castle and he gave me a so called magical slipper.Before he put the slipper on.Enderfella somehow found us and she came barging in and stopped him from putting the slipper on and she put a spell on him ( 123 abc how much can I eat turn this man into a TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!

Wait a second hold up I’ve never told you my side of the story, Well hello there I am Sir Daniels the 58th, The general of the knight and shining armour. Yes, I’m a huge deal so calm down I’ll do autographs later. ANyways It was a fine evening here in the land of Eagleland. It was the fall dance a huge event where the whole town comes together and I guess Princes from all over pick wives so yeah! A lot of women I mean a lot of women! Anyways back to the story so I was setting up security for the event I told my best knight whom is Sir hance a lot the 12th he recently returned back from killing the dragon of mold not gold MOLD! So i told him what to guard and all that good stuff, I was enjoying the town’s best dish which is a dunnel cake yummy! I was going to town until I seen a beautiful young lad amongst myself I believe her name was ahhhh! Yeah I forget but I talked to her and I thought I was out of the friendzone already but anyways she apparently left to go talk to a prince of some sort. WHich I think I’m way cuter and better but who is to say he’s a prince because of his dad King Herman the 8th who is popular. But when I saw she was flirting with Prince Hamster I was stunned, I thought she wanted me but nope I was wrong but the weird part was she caught a prince talking to her sister I think and She ate her sisters slipper and drinked an orange juice I think welp in fact I know that happen. But after that I was shocked so I followed her all the way to a castle a big big castle I think it was King Herman the 8th’s castle. So I arrived there was a nice shining slipper whom the prince was giving to the sister of my girl who friendzoned me but my girl who friendzoned me was angry about the prince and the sister she was yelling some weird gibberish. So I came out of nowhere and save the day by stealing the slipper. Yes! I took off in them. THE END


Jeffersonville High School, 2019