The Generation Project

By: Cameron Walker


A blinding light blared above my face that made it impossible to open my eyes without squinting. The atmosphere around my body was freezing, especially on the backside of my body, it felt as if I was lying on a cold table of metal. There were people speaking, quietly, seemingly a mile away but still so close enough to hear their mumbling. The air smelled of unique scents wafting my nose with every breath, the air being so dense it was like I was breathing in fumes of every single natural element known to mankind.

Another light flashed to the side of me, but only for a split second, before it went back to the single light shining down into my eyes. My eyes tried to look around before I looked down to find I was naked, except for the small dull grey boxer briefs covering me. The chatter seemed to be getting louder somehow as I picked out a few words every so often, nothing that seemed important to me at the moment. They were saying strange words that made no sense to me, things like metahumans. Nothing they spoke of had made any sense to me, and all I wanted to do right now is let my aching muscles rest. My back and head are the main places on my body that had felt too tense to even move. There was a splitting pain in the middle of my head that would make me groan with agony every several seconds.

As my mind began to doze off, as well as my eyes, back to resting, I was startled by a loud crash to the side of me. A single eye cracked open to search the area around me to see what happened but I could still see nothing or even turn my head. After minutes of waiting, auras of shrouding darkness encompassed the form that creeped its way into my blurry vision, standing above me, staring down at me. Their piercing gaze was peering into my very soul, almost as if they were looking at a disgusting monster.

A soft breeze blew into my face as I drove in my Ford Mustang. The model was a 2012  GT convertible and was clean and still working without a problem. I wore my black Oakley M2 Frame with a larger smile plastered on my face as I drove along the outback roads with large skinny trees hanging above me with rays of sun shining through the branches of leaves. My radio played a random song that would make anyone tap along with the beat of it. I look over to my right and my smile widens immensely upon seeing… nothing. There was nothing there but a silhouette. My smile still held strong, as I said something to the silhouette, I couldn’t even understand what I was saying myself, it all sounded like a ringing, blurring out any sounds around me.

Everything around me seemed to be getting darker, shadows crowding around me, filling in every nook and crevice. The ringing seemed to be getting louder the farther I drove, the darkness getting closer. Before it all stopped. Time seemed to freeze as I sat there smiling, looking at the dark figure I seemed to be entranced by, just smiling.

“Subject…” a voice said.

The darkness began to move again, coming from the forest around me and onto the road, creeping up my tires as time began to slowly move forward again. As time moved on I could hear mumbles from the strange being beside me. Small snippets of words, unimportant and unknown to my knowledge of their meaning. The thing would say “Unknown,” or “Subject” repeatedly without anything else. The closer the shadows pushed forward towards me, it seemed that the shadows would recede from the silhouette, as I could finally see that it was a human, a human girl. Her facial features were slowly revealed to my eyes as I noticed an oval face with a broad but gentle jawline with high cheekbones. Her pointed chin and a deep set of eyes bore into my own, my smile still holding strong, before she said something.

“Help me.”

The world around me came crashing down as light shimmered above me once again, bringing me back to the real world. The pain in my head was still very evident to my senses as I tried to move around. I strained to turn my head to look around and found that there was something tight around my throat, holding me in place. Focusing enough strength in my arm, I try to raise my arm into the air, finding out it was being restricted as well. And the same for the other arm and both of my legs. It didn’t seem like I was going anywhere at the moment, so I sat there, thinking, waiting for something to happen. Later on I began to notice that there was no more chatter around me, just eerie silence. The sound of a sliding door screeched open, my initial action was to turn my head, but ended up being me struggling to strain my neck enough to look over at the door. Of course, the result was failure, as I sighed, resting my head back on the cold table.

“Raise him up.” a gruff voice said to my left.

The table I was on began to move on its own. It raised me in the air close to the blinding light before it began to lower the end of the table where my feet lay, to the ground. The top of heads started to appear in my vision instead of a white ceiling and a bright light.

“Let’s see what we have today Mr…” a person with graying hair said flipping through a sheet of papers attached to a clipboard. The voice I had heard seconds ago belongs to the man in front of me. He was quite bulky for his age, stiff muscled shoulders and a head of jet black hair that fell to his shoulders. “Ah, Hamilton, quite a nice day for the both of us, isn’t it?” he smirked.

“Sir, isn’t he the dangerous subject?” a woman to his right asked him wearing a skin tight white suit. The texture of the suit resembled the skin of a reptile that was taken of its majestic beauty. Her amber hair was done up in a bun while her dark eyes bore into my own. Uninterested with her, I turn my attention back to the man in front of her.

The man smirked up at me as he started pacing back and forth in front of me, keeping his eyes fixed on mine, like a wolf stalking its prey, waiting for it to make a move.

“He is not the most dangerous one, but yes, he is one of them. Careful Private Becker, wouldn’t want you being eliminated on your first day here.”

“Yes commander, that would be very unfortunate.” she said.

“SITFU Private, SITFU. Now, let’s check those abilities, shall we?”

The man cracked his knuckles with a large smirk as he chuckled deeply.

“Now, why don’t we start out with our daily routine, shall we?” he asked as he began to inch his elbow back above his head.

He brought his fist down into my side with immeasurable force that caused me to silently scream with my mouth hanging wide open. He knocked the breath out of my lungs so quick I had to inhale as I tried to scream. There was nothing I could do to stop him from doing this devious task. He raised his other fist into the air and striked my other side with the same amount of force, causing me to choke and cough on the rising blood and bile in my throat.

He cackled madly as he repeatedly pounded away at my ribs with enjoyment, breaking each one individually. Soon there were no more ribs to break, as he let his arms rest by his side while he stared up at me with the same wolfish grin. The way he stared at me, he seemed so angry, and so happy to beat me while I lay here restricted and confused. Everything was so new to me, I couldn’t remember a thing. Not even my name, it all seemed so surreal to me. And after that dream, or vision, or whatever it was, it made me even more confused.

“I said… why aren’t you healing?”

My eyes focused back onto the commander as I

Jeffersonville High School, 2019