The Nightmare

By Greta Reel

I run through endless dark

Branches scratch, draw blood

Grunts and growls and snarls

The Bigfoot monster  

Follows me close behind


Blood tastes rusty, tears salty

Leaves in my brown hair crackle

Face and shirt slick with sweat


Legs fatigue, breath labors

If she catches up she will kill me for food

Use the remains to nourish her starved children


A red Ferrari crashes

Through the woods

Knocks down trees, tears up landscape

One tree falls to the ground

Traps me underneath, crushes bones

Blood seeps into earth


Monster stops behind her prey

Animal stench like a wet dog

But more wild, dangerous

Sniffs me cautiously

Makes sure I am trapped

The car sits, unscathed

As if waiting to see what happens


The beast stabs a claw through my chest

Holds me still, the tip protrudes

Out my back

Touches the wet dirt

Her furry face looms over mine, and all goes dark


Jeffersonville High School, 2016