The New Rose

By Bryan Taylor


There was once a rose that grew from the concrete.

I know that you feel as if it’s an impossible feat.

A beauty growing from the unforgiving street.

Roses as such shall never feel defeat.

No matter what shade red or blue.

No matter what happens to the petals due.

No matter what the street does to your hue.

Your beauty will be forever true

Being able to grow in such a tiny space.

Makes me fall in love with your elegance and grace.

As you grow and mature at your own pace.

You will forever be my ace.

I know they may hate it.

Because your style is so sophisticated.

They may believe it’s only cause you prayed it.

At all times remember you made it.

Remember you’re the rose that grew from concrete.

Remember you have no expectations to meet.

However your beauty is not defined by the street.

Cause your royalty’s something that’s unable to repeat.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019