The Monsters Forest

It was 10pm on a school night and i was laying on my bed still awake, knowing that i would get in trouble. I didn’t feel like sleeping. I try counting sheep, it doesn’t work. I reach for my phone, For some reason, when i turn on my phone all i can think about is my music.  I turn on a random song that i like and close my eyes. I start to drift off to sleep, my music starts to muffle, and my breathing starts to slow.


I rub my eyes, i feel like i’ve been asleep for a year. I sit up and yawn. When i open my eyes, i embrace myself for my mother yelling my name saying “Moon! If you don’t wake up you’ll be late for school!”  but instead of my bright bedroom light, i open my eyes to see the softness of the moon, and the darkness of a forest. The forest has tall oak trees, with dark green leaves. As i sit up i feel the soft texture of flowers. I look around, only to find myself in the most beautiful place i’ve ever been in. it was breathtaking. The flowers are a soft bright yellow in a huge flower bed. I slowly attempt to get up, trying not to hurt the delicate flowers. For the first time in years my mind and soul felt the same, they both felt at peace and wanted to explore this place. I creep to the edge of the flower bed. I take my first step in this unknown place. As i start to explore, i feel a small tingle in my leg, almost like it fell asleep. I look down. Almost like as if it was out of a mystical movie, i start to fade away. I try running back to the flowerbed, the world turns bright.    “ Moon! Wake up! Your going to be late!” my bright lights turn on.  i instantly raise up, almost as if i woke up from a nightmare.  I see my mother close my door as she walks out of my room. It was just a dream i tell myself. I rush to get myself dressed and ready for school. I run down the stairs and sprint out the door to catch the bus.

A few days have passed and i keep having the same dream. The only thing that i learned from my dream is that the faster i move the faster i fade away.  The only thing i can think about is my dream. Why do i fade away? Why do i keep having the same dream? Is my dream telling me to go somewhere?  These are the things i keep thinking about as i take a seat next to my friend. “Morning!” says my best friend Nemoa. “Morning.” “still having the same dream?” “yep” “don’t worry it will go away soon.”  Nemoa and i talk till we reach school. Wishing that we could keep talking, we go our different ways and head to our classes. The of the most crowded place in the universe, you have people walking as fast as a tortoise and some that take up the whole hallway. I push my way through the crowded hallways and into my class. I look at the board. “Pick up a book and a piece of paper then proceed to flip to page 130” i sigh. All we ever do is boring paperwork but i do as the board says. I take my seat and open the book. As i flip my way way through,i see the forest that i have been dreaming of. I quickly mark down the page number in my “notebook” Page 120. I look up to see if i have time to read the page but instead of a blank white wall, i see the tall dark trees and the bright yellow flowers. “How did my desk get here? does it fade too?”  without hesitation i get up and carry the desk to the edge of the flowerbed.  I gently lay down the desk outside of the flowers. It doesn’t fade. Shouldn’t it fade away?!  It takes a minute or two but it soon fades away. I walk out seeing if i could still feel the desk. Its gone, i guess living things fade faster. I snap back into reality as the bell rings.

The lunch bell rings. Finally, the best part of my day, i get to eat some food and talk to someone that i like. I grab the book and take it with me. I speed walk to the lunch trying to beat the long amusement park like line. I wait in the short line that has already been made, i soon pay for my food and sit down at my table. “How was your day?” says neoma. “It was ok” i say picking up my food.  I let neoma talk my ear off about how she found a crush and other silly things. As i go to respond to her, a few of her “friends” sit down. “Hey neoma, want to eat with us?” one of her friends say. “But i’m eating with moon” she protest  “who?”  Nenoma gestures at me.  Her friends turn their head and look at me. “It’s fine, you can go eat with them.” i say as i do a slight nod. “See she don’t care” say some of her friends. “O..Ok, see you later moon.” says neoma as she slowly gets up. Her friends smile and start walking to their own table She looks back at me almost as if she is rethinking her decision. It wouldn’t be the first time Neoma had left me for her other friends…. If anything i like seeing her happy, when she’s with me she doesn’t smile as much. I close my eyes and sigh. When i open them back up im back in the forest. “Why do i keep coming here?” this time the whole table is with me. At least i get to eat in peace right?  As i take a bite of my food, i hear a rustle in front of me. “Hello?” No response. I throw a few pieces of my food to see what creature was hiding. A big winged creature runs and grabs the food out of mid air. Woah.  when it turns to look at me i go back to the lunch room.

 “Mom?” i say as i get home. Nothing but silence. I guess she’s not home… As i sit my things down and gab out my note book and the book that i stole. I start reading about the forest. It’s not far from my house..or so says the book. A little trip to a calm place never hurt anyone, right?  I start to pack up a few things and head out. As i lock the door i text mom saying that i’m going to a friends house for the night. I set out not knowing where i’m going. I live in a small city so it shouldn’t take that long to find a huge forest. I walk for about an hour or two, with no luck. I decided that i should take a break and ask around about the forest. I look around and see a new shop has opened up. Weird, i never knew that place was for sale.  I walk in and see a small but cute camping store.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019