The Flood

Our house was flooding
I couldn’t find my mom
I found her body, she was dead
She had drowned

I made my way through the water, I was exhausted
I finally made it to a boat
I was so happy to be leaving
I couldn’t find my brother

I didn’t know where he was, I was so confused
I assumed he was gone
However my sister was on the boat
She was luckily alive

When I found out what happened to my brother, I was sad
The one person who wasn’t there was my dad
He had always been gone
He had been gone for years

I didn’t like this boat
We were almost out of fuel
If not to make things worse, something started to come out of the water, it was Alligators
This made sense considering we were in Florida

The boat ran out of fuel, and we were stranded
A frantic women on the boat lost her cool and had the boat shaking
The boat tipped and we all went overboard
Everyone had died except me

It was all over from there
I got away, but knew without a boat I was dead
I lost all my energy
And slowly drowned

by Evin Cartrette

Jeffersonville High School, 2019