The Fire

By:Kennedie Hudson


It’s the start of the new school year. I was behind and was supposed to get held back because of the fire but I did summer school and I moved on to my Junior year.  It was December when the fire occurred but I didn’t finish out that school year. I have to get to school at 7:15 am which sucks but I guess that’s life. My first class is AP Biology and we’re learning about Mitosis so we have to get paired up. Of course my teacher pairs me up with him. The stereotypical player in high school. His name is Chase, he has a new girlfriend every other week, but only freshmen. He’s odd like that. My aunt knows his mom and so I see him more often than not.

I always avoid him when him and his mom come over, mostly because he bullied me in middle school, but I never stood up for myself I was too afraid of getting in trouble. I thought it was over…

“Hey orphan!” he yelled across the room motioning me to come over laughing with all his friends. I walked up to the front and said very candidly

“Look I really don’t like Chase he’s rude to me, so pair me with someone else” Mr.Howie got a sly grin on his face and simply said “No”

It took everything I had to force myself to grab a chair and sit next to him. He started to be a little nicer to me which kinda creeped me out. It wasn’t long lasting though, out of the blue, the intercom came on saying my name.

“Masie Taylor, I repeat Masie Taylor come down to the front office ready to go” Then Chase glances over looks me up and down and says “What another therapy session?” Then he burst out laughing. I grabbed my bag abruptly and stomped out. The hallways were quieter than usual. All I could hear were the echoes of my footsteps as I walked. How could he say that I thought. I got to the front office and saw Zach and Zane sitting there with their heads in the palms of their hands. At the sight of that I went into full panic mode.

They moved the three of us into a back room, it was silent. Obviously the boys knew what was going on because I could hear the small whimpering and sniffles coming from beneath they’re hands. No one would speak to me. It was like I wasn’t even there…like I was invisible.

I hopped out of my best friends car and went running for my house, but there is no house there anymore. There is no house. There is no house. Why is there no house!? I’m in panic mode. Where’s my dad? Where’s my mom? Then it hits me there is no house, there are no mom and dad anymore… my parents were in the house. They’re dead. They won’t let me past the barricade so I scream. I wouldn’t accept it. “Where’s mom! I need my mom, can someone just tell me where my parents are!? I need my parents, they cant be gone!” I scream as I fall down to my knees. There are police, firetrucks, and ambulances everywhere. I am blinded by the blue and red flashing lights. No one was answering me. It’s like i’m not even here… like i’m invisible.  

It was like that night all over again. I was invisible. Just like the night my life changed forever. Suddenly I realized tears were running down my face as well. That’s when my principal walked in. I was shaken up and crying so I straightened up quickly. She had the biggest smile on her face like always, It gave me a sense of hope. She said “I want to talk to you about your parents, may I?” It was like a copious weight was lifted off my chest. We talked for a solid hour about emotions, feelings, if we were okay. I guess that’s what made Zach and Zane so upset, they hate talking about what happened.

Finally I had to head back to class, I was going to AP Statistics. Unfortunately I also had that clase with Chase. I don’t know how he’s so smart and in these AP classes with me because all he does is slack off. I had a 4.97 GPA and never got into trouble, not even as much as saying a curse word so it’s no surprise I was in mostly AP classes. I walked in and it went silent, all eyes were on me. Why were all eyes on me? Did I do something wrong? What happened?

Then Miss Colby, stupid Miss Colby said out loud, “Chase told me you went to therapy and would be late today, don’t worry it will be excused.” I knew her heart was in the right place as she placed her hand on my shoulder. I went off.


I walked over so I would be face to face with Chase. I looked him straight in the eyes, and hit him as hard as I possibly could and screamed “Why would you say that! You know that’s not true! You made a fool out of me!”

He looked pained. Did I really hit him that hard? I was pulled off Chase by one of his friends. He grabbed my arms and just walked me all the way to the office. I knew I was in trouble now. The next two hours were dreadful. Aunt Cleo had to come pick me up because I got suspended. Fantastic I thought.

Aunt Cleo sent me to a boarding school ten hours away from home. I quickly got depressed. I missed my brothers, friends, family, and surprisingly Chase. He would send me letters every time he got a chance. The letters made me smile and laugh. But a month later the letter stopped coming and my depression got worse and worse. So they decided to put me on antidepressants, they only made it worse. Nothing or no one helped me.

When I turned 18 I dropped out and left. I haven’t seen Aunt Cleo since she sent me away. I see my brothers periodically. And Chase he apologized, it turns out he never stopped sending letters, the school just stopped giving them to me. I forgave him, what I’ve learned is you can get through anything in life, I promise.

Jeffersonville High School, 2016