The Desk

By:Brandon Delgado


I didn’t want my life to end like this, so soon, so alone. If only I hadn’t taken that desk. If only I had known what I had in my car then I could have changed everything. But It’s too late, nothing I can do now. My name is Will and this is my story.


I was a used car salesman before everything happened. Before I made the single biggest mistake of my life. As you might know, a car salesman doesn’t make the ideal salary. I was barely able to feed myself, let alone my wife and daughter.


But, I was in love. I didn’t care that we were poor as long as I had my two girls.


“ Honey we need more milk,” said my beautiful wife, Delilah. I could barely hear her over the sound of Saidy crying.


I knew we couldn’t afford milk. Not until my next paycheck anyway.


“ Ok, I’ll stop by the store after work.”


As I rummaged through the kitchen looking for something to take for lunch, Delilah Threw me an apple.


“ Here take this. And make sure you sell some cars, ok?”


“Ok I will.”


She was always sweet like that. Though I wasn’t exactly confident in my response, she always made me believe that today would be good. I hadn’t sold a car in over a week. We said our goodbyes as I headed off for work. I didn’t live far from my job, just a minute away. As I pulled out of the parking lot of my apartment complex through the window I saw my daughter waving goodbye. I waved and smiled, not knowing that would be the last time I saw her again.


I’ve never been very good at selling cars, not exactly sure why I had worked there for 10 years. Maybe it was because I didn’t have an option. I had a family to feed.


It started out as any regular work day, no sales. On my lunch break I sat with my friend Joe as I did everyday. But today was different. Today Joe had given me an offer to which I couldn’t refuse.


“ Hey Will.”

“Yeah Joe.”

“ I heard you were struggling to pay rent and I was wondering if you would like to make some money.”


“ What do I have to do.”

I was so ignorant. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself. But, what’s done is done.


“ I sold my desk to a friend and my car broke down. If you drive it to him after work i’ll pay you 100 dollars.”


I really needed the money. I would later go on to find that 100 dollars is not worth three months in prison.


“Sure, thanks for offering.”


“Anytime.” He smiled


So, after work me and Joe loaded the desk into my car and I was off. I was very eager to get to my bed that night so I was speeding a little. If I had just driven a little slower, none of this would of happened.


“Woop Woop Woop”


Lights flashed in the rear view mirror as a police car gestured me to pull over. And so I did, not knowing what was inside of my vehicle. I pulled over with ease to the side of the road. I could tell something was wrong. The officer sat in the car for 5 minutes messing with the radio until he finally got out. This was no ordinary speeding ticket.


“ Sir i’m going to have to check your car.”


I was frozen with fear. Why did they need to check my car? Did I do something wrong?

He and his partner pulled the desk from out of my car,fiddled with the drawers, and walked over to the driver side window.


“ Step out of the car sir.”


I creeped out slowly.


“ You are hereby under arrest for the possession of illegal narcotics.  Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to…”


I blacked out for around 3 hours. Was my family coming? When do I get a phone call? Why am I in here? Before I had fully realized what had happened I was being placed inside of a prison facility.


It was cold and all I could think about is my two girls.


It’s been two weeks since I have seen the outdoors, since i’ve seen my family. In a crowded cell block with no one friendly. Just big scary men who if you look at them the wrong way you might lose an eye.


My mind was beginning to fade. I hadn’t spoken to a person since I had been detained. I tried to calling my wife but the phone had been disconnected. How were they doing? There was no way they could have paid rent. The one time they needed me I wasn’t there. The guilt was eating away at me. I just couldn’t help it. I had to live with that fact that my own daughter was probably homeless because of me.


As i’m writing this I think about what life could have been like if I had done things differently. But I did what I did and nothings gonna change it. Because of what I had done this once beautiful world I lived in has turned into something unrecognizable, something not worth living in any more. All of the flowers that once bloomed have now died, unfixable.


I knew what I had to do. A life in this place wasn’t a good one. A life without my wife and daughter however, wasn’t worth living in at all. I anyone finds this book make sure you give it to my family. I want them to know that I wasn’t a monster.


Until next time.


Later on that day two guards went inside the cell block to release Will because they had found evidence earlier in the day clearing his name. However they walked into his cell and found that the man had hung himself just 30 minutes before they had arrived. His wife Delilah and his daughter Saidy were at the police station waiting for his release.


Jeffersonville High School, 2016