The court

Ramiah Hamilton 



                 India was a great lawyer ,39 and married ,trying to have a baby but is too busy with her job. One morning ,she woke up went to the bathroom and found out she was pregnant. India was very excited she ran in the room.

  “WAKE UP, WAKE UP JOHNNY, WAKE UP!,”she said. Johnny jumped up.

“What ,what,what’s going on,” Johnny said

“Were  HAVING A BABY,’’ India said

    Johnny was very  happy but he was also nervous because he didn’t want to lose this baby like they lost the other ones. 

   The next morning India had a huge case to start on and court was in two weeks,winning is all that mattered to India at this point. Her client was a white 45 year old man charged with murder. India worked at her office at home with her two assistants Paul who is a 35 year old black man who lives by himself,just got out of jail, and does not communicate with his family.

  Jane is a single mom, her son is 13 and she also doesn’t communicate with her family.

    “Jane give me the report on Mr.James case and all the evidence that was found by the police that night,”  India said rushing back to her office 

   “I’m on it,” Jane said running out the front door 

  While Jane was out running around to find the things India asked for Paul was in his office just waiting on his boss to tell him his task.

 “Paul come in her time to get serious ,“ she said

“What’s going on,” Paul said 

“I need you to threaten our clients wife so she can tell us what really what happened because I know she murdered this man,” India said. India made the choice to pay Paul extra to threaten the wife

Paul got right to it.  He knew what he was doing because his been in jail many times.When India knows her clients didn’t do any type of crime she thinks somebody close to James (the client’s real name) and blamed the murder on him. Mean while at the courthouse Jane has found out information that they can use 

  “ Mrs.David do your wife know where you was at 10;30 last night because i know,” said Jane

   “Jane what do you need,”said Mrs.David

  “I need all the covered evidence on my client and if you don’t give me ALL the evidence your wife will get everything,” she said

Jane got all the evidence she needed. That night they study everything they need for court. As they are looking over the street videos they seen who really killed the man, and you would never thought of it.The next day it was time for court and India was ready to give the judge the shocking news. India and the other lawyer was going back and further and back and further then India was ready to give them what they came for.

“Can i have Mr.James son up to the stan,” said India 

“Where were you on the night when this man died,”said India

‘’I was at home with my mother,”said Danielle 

“Well in this video you shot the man that is dead now,”said India. India knew she won her case after they seen that.20 min went by and comes to find out she won but her clients hate her for put there baby in jail.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019