The Boy, the Shed, and the Man

In a town in the middle of Tennessee, living in a duplex building, there lives a single mother with two kids. The mothers dad recently died, but the body was never found. The mom was abnormally tall, which she says she got from her dad. The moms children are Timothy Jones and Levi Jones. Timothy is a normal average Freshmen in high school, but Levi is a deaf Junior at the same high school as Timothy. They live and rent half a house and the other renter is a college student named Oliver. However, there hides a dark secret in a shed in the backyard of their duplex and the shed is locked, but the key was lost some time ago. One day when the boys get home, they walk inside and Timothy yells for his mom, but to no answer. Usually their mom answers immediately, on account of her mental illness. Their mom was said to be insane, as was her dad.The mom said her dad was still alive, but Levi and Timothy both knew the truth. Timothy then uses sign language to tell Levi to stay inside.

Timothy then goes out back and notices that the shed lock is broken on the ground and the door cracked open with a bright white light peeking out. Timothy weirded out by the broken lock, then creeps over to the cracked door and looks through the crack and sees a tall man. He’s so tall, but very skinny. The tall man is standing over an old rusted workbench. Timothy couldn’t help but stare. While staring, Levi walks outside and taps Timothy on the shoulder and scares him. In a panic, Timothy falls over onto the door, slamming it closed, making a lot of noise. Timothy, freaking out, turns around and looks at Levi. Levi confused says in sign language, what are looking at? Timothy, in a hurry, tries to tell Levi to run, but before he can, the door swings open, and the tall man wobbles out. He’s at least 9 foot, wearing a black rubber mask, a long trench coat, ripped suit pants, gloves, and black, old, covered in blood, boots. The tall man’s eyes are dark and his skin is very pale, gray even. The way he walked seemed dead, like he wasn’t living.

Timothy tries to run, but before he can, the tall man, towering over Timothy, picks him up by his head, and throws him into the shed. A loud thud and scream comes from Timothy in the shed, however Levi can’t hear this and only sees what is happening, so next Levi tries to run and attack the tall man, but as he lunges at the man, the man turns to ash and the clothes fall to the floor. Levi hits the ground with a loud thud, covered in the ash from the tall man, and looks back to see some more ash and a pile of clothes, where the man was standing. The ash then starts to move on its own. It moves towards the shed and goes inside. The door then slams shut and the broken lock on the ground, then reforms and fixes itself and locks the door again. Then Oliver walks out of the house and sees Levi on the ground, in tears and on the ground. Confused, Oliver runs over and sings what’s wrong. Levi is too in too in shock to sign anything, so Oliver goes to investigate. He notices clothes on the ground, but he doesn’t know where they came from. He then looks at the shed and sees a blood streak coming from under and out of the door. Levi confused decides to try and brute force open the door, but to no avail. Oliver frustrated, tried to tear the shed’s door down.

He goes inside, to fetch an axe. When he comes back out, he sees Levi still on the ground crying. Oliver than starts to chop at the lock and the door, but just dents the door and does nothing to the lock. While chopping at the door and the lock, Levi gets up and taps Oliver on the shoulder. Oliver turns around to see Levi smiling, but his eyes weren’t the nice blue they were anymore. They were fully gray. Levi then tries to tackle Oliver and take the axe. They have a struggle on the ground, but Oliver overpowers Levi and tries to swing the axe at him, but misses him and hits the pavement. Oliver put so much force into the swing that when he misses the axe bounces off the ground and falls out of his hands. In a quick movement, Levi gets up, takes the axe, and swings it at Oliver. Oliver dodges the axe swing and starts to run, While running, Oliver turns back and sees that Levi isn’t chasing him, but just standing there with the axe. Oliver runs inside and closes the door, locks it, and barricades it. After barricading the door with every object in the house, he goes upstairs and to the safe. As he goes into the room where the safe is, he sees Levi and Timothy’s mom laying down on the bed. Oliver tries to wake her up, but as he rolls over the mom’s body, he sees that she is lifeless.

As he freaks out, he backs up and trips over a chair, and hits his head on the safe. He wakes up and sees a tall man standing over him. The man was overly tall, but doesn’t look human, and he’s just pitch black. Oliver still just waking up, tries to get up and run, but as he tries to run he is grabbed the tall black man and dragged down the stairs and outback to the shed, but again, opened with the lock broken on the ground. Oliver is thrown into the shed. Then the door closes. Oliver, still awake from the throw, tries to look around, but sees nothing, only blackness. Oliver tries to get up and turn on a light, but can’t find one. He then finds a switch to flip and does. When he flips the switch, he sees on the ground, a bunch of ash underneath what looks to be Timothy clothes, a shrine with his picture of a woman on it, and the word love written in sharpie on it. He goes to pick up the clothes, but as he does a little of the ash touches Oliver’s skin. The ash then goes into his skin and posses Oliver. Oliver’s eyes then turn pitch black and Oliver is no longer Oliver. The door to the shed opens and then tall man walks in and eats Oliver whole, and then goes up to the shrine and takes the picture of the woman and stares at it, with his dead eyes.

By Evin Cartrette

Jeffersonville High School, 2019