The American Flag

By Shelby Brunson

That piece of cloth that we sing to everyday with no missed days. The most important piece of cloth that we will ever see in our lifetime. The flag is the symbol of freedom and a symbol of bravery. To watch every morning the disrespect that the flag gets would make an army man cry. Watching people talk about their small problems as we sing to it. Losing all of your happiness because of people talking as we give a moment of silence. Being sad for those who think that the flag is nothing when that flag is what is protecting them from every country out there. There should be one day where that flag was different. Those people can no the problems that every country has. Some people say that it is just a flag. If it just a flag then why are we singing to it everyday? ¬†You might not like to do it, but just stand and don’t talk for a moment. Then you can go on with your day.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019