Story of my life

I can’t let these people knock me off my pivot

god sat me down and talked to me I listened

I was in that cell he told me that I’m gifted

If I don’t make it on the field then ima make it with these lyrics

I’m special with the ball and special with these lyrics

I ran outta money had to pay attention

To all the people that around me cause they ain’t have my best interest

They ain’t have my best interest

You lazy with your loyalty in your position

And now I gotta execute cause you don’t listen

Why hit the top to go back to the bottom

All these women falling for me like its autumn

Im tryna tell you homie you dont want nun

They cleared me so im right back to that money hunt

They said my dawg paid on the run

When they let him out of prison ill be 21

I knew i was a star when i was workin hard

Everybody told me i would make it when i was on the block

Jeffersonville High School, 2019