Stage Fright

By Morgan Franklin

Megan teachers started mentioning her in class, which would make her get so nervous she would get on the floor under her desk. The teacher could never get her off of the floor when she did it. She would curl up under her desk and sometimes even fall asleep. They did this a couple days out of the week, and still no luck. So, they gave it a break for awhile. She got back to being comfortable again, and soon after being mentioned in class didn’t bother her one bit.

Megan is an 18 year old girl who has always been the very shy type. She has never really come out of her shell. The words “out of your shell” scares her a little. She has always been afraid of speaking in front of people, especially a group of more than six or seven people. Crowds especially scare her. When asked a question in class, her face gets bright red, and she starts to sweat. She gets embarrassed very easily, and cannot stand being the center of attention. All her friends love being the star of the show, so she doesn’t really fit in there. She made it her goal to come out of her shell this year at school.

Megan began working on it by trying to talk in front of the class. She figured she should start small. In front of the class was a good start. She got up to read a paragraph or so from an article, and she froze. Her stage fright got the best of her. Her getting over her fear of public speaking wasn’t working out. Her face turned red and she just could not move. She was terrified. She finally got the courage to move and she bolted out of the class down the hallway for the bathroom. She didn’t come back to school for a couple days after that.

Megan’s mom got her counselor involved. They called Megan down to the office when she returned to school, and they came up with a gameplan on how she could get over her fear. It started with the teacher mentoning her in class. The teacher would use her in one of the lessons and and everyone would start to notice her. Eventually she would be getting called on to answer questions or problems for the class. Then they would work their way up from there. They wanted to get her to the point where she could talk in front of everyone at a pep rally. That would be a while though, even if everything goes as planned.

“Mom, I think I’m ready for the big step.” Megan says as she bolts into the kitchen when her mom got home.

“Megan , honey, I don’t think you’re ready for a leap that big. You haven’t even haven’t even been able to be mentioned in class. How are you going to handle…”

“I’m fine mom, I can do it. Trust me, I got this.”

“Whatever you say, Megan.”

Megan went to school the next day ready for to face her fear. She didn’t tell her teacher what she had planned, but she definitely had a plan. She felt pretty confident with her plan too. She had an open mind and wasn’t thinking negative about it at all. She figured if she thought positive and highly of herself she could do it. So that’s what she did.

She was able to get in front of the class and talk to the class for 45 minutes. She gave an entire presentation to the class, and was able to get it done without any problems. Everyone was amazed that she did so well. She felt accomplished. She felt like she had overcome her biggest fear successfully.

Talking in a pep rally then became no problem. She became the person who talks the whole time during the pep rally. She announced everything in front of the whole school. She got to the point where she forgot she even had stage fright or was even why. She was completely over her fear of public speaking.

The school had her talk to the school about how she overcame the stage fright. They set up a five to ten minutes for her to talk to the school and give advice on how to get over their fear of public speaking. She got up to talk to the school and instead of going on for five to ten minutes, she talked to the school for almost an hour. The whole school was surprised with how long she was able to talk to the school. Everyone was proud of her, and even took her advice on to use on themselves.  

Jeffersonville High School, 2019