by Abby Turner


As I walk down the windy road

I start to wonder how long I’ll be alone

I stop and stare and every car that passes by

I look at them but don’t dare to cry


I as I get to the empty house

I close the doors that shut me out

Should I go or should I stay here as I wonder what’s near

I grab a book and read my sorrows away

I tell myself everything will be okay


Dogs barking;birds chirping from the land far away

I’m out in the wood’s wanting to get out someday

I take my sorrows and flush them down the drain

I go outside and am going to make everything okay


I walk to the town down the same windy road

I lift my head high screaming “I don’t want to me alone”

I walk jumping arounding something I could never do before

That one night I figured out it’s better not to be alone

I see the man I would dare never go up too


The man I’ve always loved but never knew

I go up and tell him how I feel hoping he will see everything clear

The rays of sun sprinkle through the cloudy skies

The world seems great it’s amazing to be alive

I finally can see the future I needed for myself

Everything is gonna be perfect this is my time

No one should ever be lonely

I’m finally taking my sorrows away

It’s all okay

Jeffersonville High School, 2016