September 20th, 2019

It was the morning of Friday, September 20th, 2019, Marcus, Jamie, and Ty, woke up early from a very good night from the various casinos in Las Vegas. They are all hungover and extremely worn out from last night, but they have the journey the group has been waiting for months to endure upon. Raiding and exploring Area 51. An 83 mile journey from their hotel they are all dreading to take but very excited to go to. They are joined by thousands of people wanting to go and Las Vegas is filled with alien mascots on the street and alien memorabilia everywhere.

They all get in the car and start their journey. Traffic is not doing too good, its congested from people going to work and also the people heading for the raid. “Did you guys pack snacks?” Jamie asks, the other two can hear the loud screams of his stomach growling for something to eat. “No…… BUT WE BROUGHT A NEW FRIEND!” Ty said as he pulled out a rubber alien figure. It was a life size rubber alien with real details of an alien. “Can you please put that thing away! I am trying to drive here. There are some snacks in the middle compartment.” said Marcus. Jamie sits there chomping down on the next package of Twinkies to the next.

It’s around the 10 miles mark and they have been on the road for nearly an hour and a half, and Jamie is knocked out while Ty is going over a piece of paper filled with markings and notes. “Ty, did you make sure to mark the pinpoint exits?” said Marcus trying to get past all the traffic going on throughout the street. “Yes, now make sure we all know that we are meeting at the big tree outside Area 51.”

It’s here, and it’s finally happening, outside Area 51 not just alien enthusiasts, but hundreds of military lined outside the fences and multiple tanks as well. The trio are all ready near the other thousands of people. “Are you all ready?” Marcus says. “LETS GET THOSE ALIENS!” screams out someone in the crowd. The thousands push and run for their lives. The tanks are turning and looking at the runners. Sirens blare, and an intercom goes off, “If you come any further to the fence, we have full rights to use force.” The trio and thousands of others start to rush and run towards the entrance. The thousands stomps of people running and the sounds of roaring from the crowd head towards the hundreds of police officers and military walled around Area 51. “We are warning you, if you get any closer we will use force.” The crowd still runs even faster to the side entrances. People start to push and trip others on accident. “Guys I don’t know how much I can run, I think I am going to faint.” Yells Jamie falling behind of the other two. “Just run as fast as you can, you got this dude.” Ty said to him. BANG. A gunshot goes out to the people running. BANG. Another one. They are warning shots for them. Every single person is still running. The hundreds of weapons the police are carrying are cocked and ready to fire. BANG. “Guys, is that guy dead?” Ty sees as someone else near him just falls to the ground. “Why are WE STILL HERE THEY ARE ACTUALLY KILLING PEOPLE?” Screams Jamie seeing multiple bodies falling to the ground. The trio has to constantly jump over multiple bodies just falling to the ground and some people are using other people as shields. The trio are very close to an open fence while there is gunfire and constant chaos going on behind them. Marcus and Ty make it to the entrance first, then Jamie last tripping over someone and almost hitting his head. “Guys we need to get in there now.” said Ty.

They walk inside and there is no one inside. It’s completely empty and filled with just walls of white that looks like it does in the movies. You can hear the constant gun fire outside and the screams of other people. “So where do we go from here?” said Ty. “Yeah Marcus where do we go from here?” said Jamie. “I think we should go here.” Marcus points at a yellow and black danger sign that says “Classified Specimens in this room, please wear protective gear and never repeat what you see in this room or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.” The trio looks at each other and wonders, “So why did the three of us get to this room and not anyone else?” said Jamie. “Do we seriously want to think about that right now?” said Marcus. Right next to the room was a closet filled with yellow hazmat suits. The trio try to figure out how to put them on and then they hear a very loud bang near them. The trio doesn’t question it and continues on putting the suits.

The door with the danger sign has multiple locks and several handles. The group together messes with all the locks and somehow the door opens. Inside there is just darkness. It looks like a room filled with nothing. “Guys… what is that?” It’s a long figure walking towards them. It’s as tall as the whole room and its very skinny. “Is that what I think it is?” It doesn’t look like a stereotypical alien. It has the face of a human and a body very slender. “Come with me.” said the figure. “What in the hell is this?” Jamie said. The guys are all freaking out and not in a good way. “Do you even have a name?” said Ty. “Come with me.” the figure just kept repeating that to them. “What about our homes?” said Marcus. “What about our family?” said Jamie. “Where will we go?” said Ty. The figure laid out his hand and the trio touched it and a lightning bolt of shock goes straight into them. The room they were just in is now empty and quiet. Outside is now empty and quiet. A couple minutes later some sort of scientist looks in and realizes what has happened. He picks up a walkie talkie and says, “We have a code red, she has been released, I repeat a CODE RED.”

Jeffersonville High School, 2019