It all started In a planet called Zatrie. A child was born his name was Ralph Lanyard.The first zatrie baby to have a superpower he could see everything and taste everything and could fly. His parents Mrs.Lanyard and Mr.Lanyard died from saving him from Dr.poison a.k.a his uncle. He poison the planet because he wanted to be king but they knew he would have ruled the planet,so the council said NO and Dr.poison got angry and poisoned the planet. Ralph’s parents sent him in a satellite to space so that he would be safe. But Dr.poison got sent to earth he landed in a frozen mountain in Alaska. He is frozen until the next asteroid to hit Alaska.



30 years go by, of him just flying around in space watching over all planets including Zatrie. His father said to him before he sent him to space, ”I want you to return to the planet once you reach 30. As he reaches the planet Zatrie all he seen was dust, skeletons and it was very quiet,and windy. Even tho his planet was destroyed he was still glad to be home until something caught his eye. AN ASTEROID! He pushes off his legs to fly and it slowed him down because that’s his weak spot.




Sir we have a huge problem we have a 8,000 mph asteroid headed to Alaska’s mountains. Get Alaska’s mayor on the other line tell him to evacuate that area. Yes Sir.”we have 3 minutes until hit time. As Ralph catches up to the asteroid he can see the evacuation of Alaska. He knows he can’t stop this fast asteroid so he flies as fast as he could to earth to help out on the evacuation. 1 minute until the asteroid hits,go! go! go!The asteroid is about to hit 50 seconds left.




Who are you? an alien or something,No! listen to me we have 4 houses left get them out of there admediatly.We have 30 seconds until the asteroid heard the alien go move out.As the asteroid goes through the air fast as flash the time goes by with only 10 seconds left.They whole area is evacuated now everyone is evacuated.BOOM! as the asteroid crashes in the cold mountains making the ice steam in the air.That was a close one.Who are you?Call me Satellite-man the person who can see everything and taste everything and can fly.moments later Ice shatters in the air and Dr.poison jumps out of his Ice shell “I will return.”

                            The End


             Satellite-Man 2 by: Isaiah Fultcher


I must unfreeze my army for my return,so I can poison this weird planet.”as Dr.poison walks away from the mountains.(moving on to space)as satellite-man returns to his planet sitting down looking up until a flash caught his eye.who are you? Im your father Ralph”I’ve heard you died when I was a kid.” yes! I did.then how are you alive?You can see things.oh so I’m then Mr.Lanyard cuts him off so how are you liking your super powers?That’s what I’m willing to ask you how did I get my powers? I don’t know you were born this way.oh so where’s mom!he takes a big deep breathe then says You can’t imagine her only me because i’m the last one you saw.I wish I saw you both last.I know let me add something your uncle known as Dr.poison he is a bad guy.why is he bad!when we were little your uncle and I were playing tag then he fell in the evil zatrie ring that is where the evil is our ancestors have fought the poison squad that’s how we got ring and he touched it and now he will poison factories.


Then Ralph looks up and his father is gone all he seen was the dust,and bones and felt the wind blow.I can’t let that happen! he said with as he took a deep breathe.(moving on to the Dr.poison) when Dr.poison arrives to the cereal factory with his army.they break in and hold them all hostage welcome humans i am Dr.poison the unstoppable villain We are not scared of you ugly of the workers said with bravery.Oh really I guess your bravery is terrible.he touches him and then the worker turned poison.


anybody else want to step up and show bravery.No!!! everyone says with terrifying voices.Good!Oh great who is this guy messing with a factory workers Satellite-man says while flying to the cereal factory.when he arrived at the cereal factory he ramps through the glass doors and say’s satellite-man here to save the day.with a shock bad taste Dr.poison poison him.he chokes and gags then he passes out.


wakie! wakie!Dr.poison say’s.then satellite-man is rolling his head and trying to gain his sight back he sees he is strapped in a chair.Oh great why did I break in like that.That’s right why did you Dr.poison said while he is getting ready to give Satellite-man a poison shot.Look around you I got guards watching and I got workers working.Stop! Stop! quit working. They can’t hear you I poison there hearing they can only hear me.With a big kick to the Dr.poison face. Dr.poison drops the key and Ralph picks it up with his feet and uses his mouth to unlock the strap.Free I’m free.punching and action goes on.Then Dr.poison hits Ralph in his legs he falls to the ground in pain.1 minute until all cereal is infected Satellite-man tackles him he breaks the ceiling takes him all the way to space then back down to earth into the glaciers.Ice goes up his body Noooooooooooooo! as Dr.poison says as he turns into Ice.


Right the factory.The police arrives on the scene they freeze the army and got the workers ears back to working and stopped the cereal infection.and Satellite-man returns back to space watching again. He thought everything is safe and no need to worry but that wasn’t the end.(switching to the moon) He thinks everything is all good.”I will kill him”.The moon monster said in a angry voice.

                     THE END


Jeffersonville High School, 2019