Rushing Things

Rushing Things

I wake up every morning with the same routine and running out of ambition to want to do anything for the day. I’m not depressed just tired of the same old thing repeatedly, I want to do better and bigger things. Growing up in a low class neighborhood on the southside with little to nothing makes you appreciate what you have. I know that I work very hard for what I have but I want to know more things. My name is Mariah and this is my story about how I realized that you shouldn’t rush things.

When I was younger I wanted everything because I felt like the world owed me. I never felt it was fair to be poor. I saw the other kids that had better clothes, cooler toys, and a nice big house. I want all of that but living in the position I was given it wasn’t an option. I was the girl fantasizing about having it good one day and getting laughed at about it. My classmates would say that it would always be like this that it’s an epidemic. I didn’t care what they thought because I was going to be living good one day and no one would tell me otherwise.

In my young twenties I worked at a department store in my poor run down neighborhood. I made enough money to keep up with rent and enough to stop at a bar after work. I might have been a borderline alcoholic but I needed a temporarily escape. I felt like no one understood what it was like to live like this and I felt like my life was going nowhere. Then I ran into a stranger one night and was handed bags of money. They didn’t say anything but, “Don’t tell anyone about this money.” I didn’t quite know how to react so I took the money home with me and bought tons of things. When ever I was asked how I got all these fancy things I just told them I had a fake boyfriend who bought me anything I wanted. Everyone bought my story about my fake boyfriend with no questions asked.

I was living the life and was living in luxury but also still scared that now I would get robbed for all my riches. I had to move somewhere a little more safe therefore I moved to a small town in Indiana. It was weird not living poor or in the hood that I started to feel disappointed because I don’t know it just didn’t feel right. I only lived a short time here before I started to miss the sounds of my home so I moved back.

As soon as I moved back I got robbed but I saw it coming. I mean but at least i’m not dead right? I eventually started to go back to living to my old ways because I was running out of money and used the excuse of my rich boyfriend broke up with me so it was believable. No one had suspected that I just randomly became rich than poor the next day.

You shouldn’t rush being rich because you’ll end up poor the next couple months if you spend all your money that a random stranger just gives you. I wasn’t any good at budgeting and that’s why I am so broke. I eventually found out where the money came from later on when I was questioned by a detective. The person robbed a bank and gave me this money so they wouldn’t get caught which makes sense. They had to arrest me because I committed a crime or whatever so I spent the next couple years in prison. I didn’t think it was fair but not like I have a say.

I didn’t really like prison they treated me like I did something wrong and made me cry almost everyday I was there. If I would’ve stay in Indiana maybe I wouldn’t be in prison right now.

Three years later I was released and went back to living in the southside working at the rundown department store in this horrible neighborhood but I gotta go home to all the stuff I had which is great because I look better than everyone on the block. It’s a disappointment not being rich anymore but I personally liked working hard for the money I earned because it felt powerful.

I should have gave the money to someone who needed it more than me honestly and I think about that everyday I wake up because I think I was destined to be broke. I tried to return my fancy clothes even though the stores said that I bought them three years and I couldn’t return anything which is a stupid rule. The only store that let me return stuff was plain old Walmart. I took the fifty dollars that I got from Walmart for returning things and give it to my neighbor who was struggling to pay rent. I know it’s not much but it was time for me to make things in my life right.

I continue to give back to my community by helping local people pay bills with any extra little money I had and it felt good to do that. Maybe rushing my life wasn’t such a bad idea after all because I got to put smile and relief on others faces when I handed them money to have a place to live. I realize a lot of this story was irrelevant but I hope people will understand where i’m coming from. Be empowered to do great things even if you had an obstacle in your way. I learned that money isn’t everything and that you should learn to do good things with what you have. Never rush the time you have because you’ll regret it. My name is Mariah and that’s the story about why you should not rush your life even talking about or reading irrelevant things in this story.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019