by Breanna Rhoton



One cold and rainy morning, Robert

Was running late for school. He woke up

Rushing and scattering around the house

Getting dressed and getting his lunch together.

His father had recently disappeared, so the house

Was remarkably quiet, other than  mother and

Baby sister screaming at one another.

Robert was very close to his father, therefore he became

Depressed very quickly. He lost his appetite, and

Began giving up on himself and school.

When he went to school, he stayed to himself,

Not having many friends; ate lunch by himself,

And work individually on group projects.

Robert never thought about self-harming himself

Until his father’s birthday. He was missing him so

Much and it was driving him crazy not knowing where

His best friend was. It hurt him even more knowing that

His mother did not care that he was gone.

Robert came home one day, and found a pill

Bottle in the medicine cabinet. He wasn’t sure

Of what hydrocodones were, but he threw them into his

Mouth hoping for the worst.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019