Return of Mischief

David Orr,



In the beginning the earth was made after endless time spent in nothingness, Ymir the Ice Giant killed by Odin and other gods, using his body to create the earth, after all that happened with gods and mortals, eventually it had to end, Loki the Ice Giant, son of Laufey and his monster children attacked Asgard and killed nearly every god and himself in the great battle of Ragnarok, though thousands of years later humans still walked the earth which is also known as Midgard. Ice Giants, Gods, Elves, and so on existed no more, or so we all thought. There was this teenaged kid who greatly studied Norse mythology, and even thought of some as real, he was about eighteen years of age in his senior year; dark brown hair, green eyes that seemed to glow like gems, his body being slim but ripped with muscle, about six feet tall, he had always wanted to become a sort of vigilante in a way, but one who killed most of the bad people to make sure nothing would happen again surrounding whoever it is. Always feeling slightly different, feeling as if he does not belong in this era, and feels no connection here, more than usual, he thought that maybe he could put that to use, always feeling stronger and faster and even far more intelligent than most, in his last year he was suspended for a few weeks after causing quite some drama in a group and getting in a huge fight, people kept talking about him and how he always seemed like he was nothing but a joke because he never talked to anyone, he wishes to be known as both a hero and a villain one day, so he is making sure to cause slight mischief, like messing with people who have a lot of power, such as setting them up by putting someone else’s belongings on their desk, every now and again. After his suspension, that night In his bathroom he looked at himself if the mirror, feeling the burning sensation of dry ice all over; he passed out from the pain and woke up at three in the morning, seeing all types of writing all over his body, all Nordic as well. “What is this…?” He asked himself, his vision coming back, reading the Nordic writing that was now all over his body.

Our home in flames”

“The darkness taking over”

“All it is we can see, the clouds and fog”

“Jormungandr the world serpent, Fenrir the giant wolf.”

“His cold white eyes, the sinister smile, Loki.” He closed his eyes with a smile forming over his face. “So this is why I’ve been feeling different recently..” Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and walked back to his room, laying down; 


beginning to doze off his mind filled with some kind of vision, an old cabin in the woods with a small fire giving light. A woman with orange eyes and dark hair sat by candles, chanting an old Nordic prayer meant for Loki, a forbidden saying that only the deranged would chant; her name was Angrboda, the same name as Loki’s wife who gave birth to the World Serpent Jormungandr, Fenrir, Hel. Suddenly in a great blue flame that illuminated the entire cabin, a man with long black hair and glowing green eyes, he had marks around his eyes that seemed to be the exact same as Alexander, silver armor around his wrists and shoulders, brown under clothing with a blue fabric with the Norse symbol on his back. “I have returned finally… The one who killed oh so many gods..” The man took a deep sigh, stretching his arms and glaring at the woman. “And you are?” He asked as Angrboda answered. “My name is Angrboda, I’ve been attempting to summon you for quite some time… This world needs you, Loki.” Glaring down at her on her knees still, he explained how he seems to have only half his abilities.


So began the next day, Loki having a similar vision of some teenaged kid going through the transformation that gave him all those Nordic writings, now that he knew who to look for Loki set out. waking up quickly put on a black jacket and jeans, stepping outside in the snowy weather, starting to run as fast as he could, going faster than any human really has; making his way to the outskirts of the city and into the forest, “Why is this happening..” He thought, taking deep breaths to gather air and rest for a second. “So you are the lowly scum that stole my abilities from me? Hmph..” Loki appeared from dust before Narfi, he glared into his eyes as Alex tried to explain. “This just happened out of nowhere, I don’t know how or why it did, I never meant to steal anything from you Loki!” Yelled Narfi as Loki appeared in front of him with a dagger to his throat, “Once I kill you, I shall take my powers back from your corpse..and bring Ragnarok upon the world!” Narfi put his hand on Loki’s wrist, moving to the side and kicking Loki in the side really fast, Loki grunted as Narfi gulped; the two began fighting with intense speeds, fists and kicks clashing as well as daggers being summoned non stop by the two; panting and needing air desperately, the two stopped. “You could’ve let this happen.. And made this a hell of a lot easier for the two of us mongrel..” Loki growled as he made his move again, appearing behind Alex; but Alex quickly spinned around and now the two held daggers at each other’s throats. “By being around you..I gain your battle way will I give up that easily” Loki backed off and took a deep breath, beginning to think and come up with an idea.”How about…You and me fuse together? That way we both have control..and will keep each other focused on the important matter..destroying those who believe they have power…After all..don’t you wish to be known as a hero and villain? I believe if we combine our minds..oh we can become kings..and well, Baldur was revived quite some years ago, now that I’m here he will come after me and you anyway, to put up any fight we must work together.” Loki proposed as he smirked, Narfi thought for a few minutes but remembered that there was no way to trick him out, so he agreed. 

The two put their hands against the other as a green light illuminated around them, finally it ended the two fused and out came Loki and Narfi in one body, black hair with streaks of blonde and gold, mixing their runes and writings together, and their eyes a bright blue with green often shining over the blue as well. “Well then… what now?” Narfi thought as Loki spoke, “Let’s prepare for our reign of glory, and for Baldur..” 

And thus the two started working together, with the knowledge of Baldur coming soon, how could they be able to go against an actual god? Will they overcome him and win? One day we will find out..will Rag

Jeffersonville High School, 2019