Red, White, and Blue Warrior

Hear the  bells jingle softly

A beautiful smile appears as he walks into the room

As he leans on his walker the posture of the soldier remains

Wrinkles over him but his mind sharp as a tack  

His chair buzzes as he reclines back


He leans forward as he wants me to sit in his lap

His hands rough like sandpaper

I look at his shirt with an American flag

A living history book right in front of me

He raspy voice starts to tell a story of his time


The day he got enlisted into the army

The start of the Second World War

As he relives the moments of the waves

Crashing into the side of the boat looking to both sides of him

Knowing this is the last time all of them will be alive together


The skies start to go gray he grips his gun getting ready to move

The boats unload by the hundreds they get soaked as they run to the beach

His brothers in armies lie dead in the water on on the sand

Tears coming out of his eyes as he recalls that day

Pushes through getting him and the troop he was in charge of through the waters


They look over to see if they would of stayed they would be still be with their brothers

With heavy hearts they move forward with the mission

I study his face as he comes back to terms with reality of life now.

He calm face hides the hurt and pain of the past

Freedom came at a high cost


Feet back on American soil again

His new life waiting to begin

As I look upon his grave now

The wish he had was to never forget what happened

Memories imprinted in my mind

Fellow soldiers salute him goodbye

He will rest in peace knowing his memory will not die

Jeffersonville High School, 2016