I´m a watcher and a listener. That´s the basis of my job. I watch for the people I know are involved in crime and I listen to other people who have heard of wrongdoings or heard about the people I´m watching for. Then I gather evidence, I put together a plan for my next hit and I make sure that all the information is true. Finally I follow through with my hit.

I have made papers and tv, but nobody has ever gotten my face. They know what I do and they praise it. They respect it. They gave me a name. The public calls me the Robin Hood. But modern day.

I´ve only made one mistake doing jobs. I didn´t have all my research on the people involved. I was investigating a gang called the Moretti Ladros. The man I thought was in charge is Lenny Moretti, but I didn´t know that there was another man who was actually in charge and that he was his brother.


But this is where it began:

I was on some basement stairs in the middle of taking photos of Lenny Moretti. I was moving closer to get a recording of the conversation he was having with another male. Of course I slipped and fell. I never slip and I never fall. Lenny looked at me, his iced eyes stared me down and he smiled. I took off running to the sound of his laughter but didn´t get far. I rounded a corner and there stood two men who I have never seen before. The dark haired one took after me when I ran in the other direction. He grabbed me and I hit him twice. He kept letting me hit him but he had a smile on his face the whole time. The blond one stepped in and grabbed me by one of my arms while the brunette grabbed my other.

¨That´s enough Gregger! He doesn´t need her hurt¨ the blond one stated to the brunette who I guess is Gregger.

¨She puts up more of a fight then men do¨ Gregger stated

¨Let me go! Who is ´he´, are you talking about Lenny?¨ I yelled as they started walking me back to the building I was watching before.

¨Izer, she´s very annoying, let us hurry this up so we can get back to our tasks¨ Gregger said to the blond who´s name is Izer.

Izer nodded and held on to me tighter as we started approaching the building and warehouse. All I was thinking about was what mistake I did to get caught and how pissed Reno was gonna be when she finds out I won´t be coming home for dinner tonight.

They opened a side door on the warehouse that I have previously seen Lenny walk through with his men and walked me in. There weren´t any walls except for 3 big rooms in the back. In the main open area there was a kitchen area, a bar, a pool table, and a ´living area´ where there were old couches and a tv.

¨Well boys where do you want me at or do you need to ask permission first before you tie me up somewhere¨ I stated

They just smiled at me. Gregger went to open his mouth to speak but was cut off by a door slamming. Gregger and Izer stood straight up and kept quiet as Lenny and a man I know as Angelo started walking towards us.

As they grew nearer I decided I should probably be brave and a smart ass. I needed to get out of here as fast as possible because I didn´t like leaving Reno at the apartment alone. And especially if she doesn´t know where I am at.

¨Hi Lenny and Angelo! It´s so nice to finally meet you! How´ve you been?¨ I said enthusiastically and stuck my hand out to shake theirs.

Angelo smirked at me and looked at Lenny.

¨So you know our names? What else do you know about us?¨ asked Angelo smiling

¨I don´t need to prove anything to you¨ I said

¨You´re right, you don´t need to prove anything to me. Ronnie will be here soon and he´d love to meet you¨ Lenny said to me

What? Who the hell is Ronnie I thought.

They had me tied up. They were going to tie me to the couch leg but I asked them if I could be tied to the pool table instead.

I jumped to the sound of a car door slamming shut.

¨Is anyone interested in a game?¨ I asked as they all stared at me.

¨I am very interested in a game¨ declared a man as he walked through the same door I went through earlier.

He was young, he had black hair, he was wearing worn leather, and he vaguely resembled Lenny. I had never seen him before but I was intrigued by his confidence and his demeanor as being in charge. This is him I thought. This is the boss who I had no idea even existed. How had I gotten it so wrong?

¨Great, then I´ll rack them up¨ I stated, trying to be as calm as possible.

As I was positioning all the balls the man motioned for Angelo and Lenny to follow him. They went into one of the back rooms. I couldn´t hear anything they were saying. They were in there for about five minutes when the door finally opened and they all walked out, the only thing different was Angelo carrying a storage container. He set it down on the pool table and left. He just walked out. Gregger and Izer followed him out and shut the door behind themselves.

I was alone with this man, who was in charge, and Lenny.

¨Will you state your name for Ronnie?¨ Lenny asked

I stayed quiet and just stared at him, hoping he would turn away and not ask me again

¨Fine don´t tell me. Go ahead and open it Stevie Rains¨ stated Lenny pointing to the storage container on the pool table.

When I opened the tub, it contained detailed descriptions of every hit I´ve ever done. It had photos, flash drives, and filled files.

¨I don´t understand¨ I said confused

¨In January 2018, you pulled off your first hit on Ulin Jhares. He was a friend of your fathers before Wylie Rains was incarcerated in December 2017. You got approximately five hundred grand from him but what´s weird is you gave it all or almost all away. And each month for the last year you have performed at least 2 hits. Every group or person targeted has been someone that does terrible things, like me or your father. Explain.¨ said Lenny

I was feeling anxious because Ronnie has yet to talk. He just stood there and stared at me.

¨Why explain if you already know everything?¨ I asked

¨Because we want to hear your side of things and why you did it.¨ He almost sounded firm like he wasn´t going to let up.

¨I have a sister, Reno,  and she´s all I have left. My father, Wylie, was a bad man and I saw all the hurt he ensued on people. They were people who really didn´t deserve any of it. The people like you guys and Wylie don´t deserve all the wealth and praise when you are hurting innocent people. You are disturbing the lives of people for your own personal gain. You are all selfish, vindictive, manipulative people. You know nothing about the lives of the people you are hurting. I do this for my sister because she has only ever seen my father do bad things and she needs an influence to change her outlook on life and persuade her to do good to others and herself in life. I do this for the people who don´t have anyone fighting for them and who don´t have a way to get back their losses from the people who are so careless and reckless and self centered. But the real question is why do you guys do it all?¨ I yelled angrily at them

Lenny looked to Ronnie for an answer. Ronnie just stared at me hard and cold. He was waiting for me to look away but I wasn´t going to. I was waiting for a reply and I wasn´t about to just cave.

He looked away.

And left. He just left. And Lenny followed


I was there for three hours playing pool by myself. Nobody stopped by. I didn´t hear anything. I wondered if they could see me, but I didn´t see any cameras. I was thinking about my sister, it felt as if she was there with me. And then I heard Reno.

¨Stevie! Stevie!¨ Reno yelled as she burst through one of the back room doors. She ran and hugged me. After her, out walked Lenny, Ronnie, Angelo, and Antonia. They just stared at me and Reno.

¨Hi. I´m Antonia.¨ stated their sister as she came towards me, ¨I´m Ronnie and Lenny´s sister¨

¨Ya I know. I´m, uh…Stevie¨ I said confused. She was nice and didn´t seem anything like her brothers.

It was weird and nobody knew what to do or what to say.

¨I´m sorry about him. Here let me get your ties off.¨ Antonia said nicely

¨Antonia! No!” yelled Angelo

She stared at him as she took them off anyway.

¨Thank you Antonia. I appreciate it. Why is Reno here?¨

¨She´s here because I thought you should be able to leave. And I have convinced my brothers to let you go.¨ she said

¨Thank you, can I have my stuff back?¨ I asked her

¨Yes you can¨ she said as Lenny grabbed all my stuff and handed it to Reno.

I wasn´t paying any attention because Antonia was giving me her apologies and asking if I was okay. I glanced over to Reno just to make sure she was still okay and noticed Lenny was talking to her. And it looked like they were getting along. They were laughing.

¨Hey! Back up!¨ I yelled at Lenny

He backed up and lowered his eyes away from my sister. Reno looked at me with pleading eyes like she was embarrassed.

¨Which door can we leave through?¨ I asked Antonia

¨The far one and–¨

She was interrupted by Ronnie coming towards her and whispering in her ear.

¨Ronnie will escort you out and there will be a car waiting to take you back to your apartment¨ Antonia said after Ronnie stepped back.

I thanked Antonia. Reno and I followed Ronnie out the door farthest from the backrooms. Ronnie had the car ready for us in the small lot. Reno got in first and closed the door.

¨Why don´t you speak to me or in front of me?¨ I asked

¨Get in and go home. We won´t be this welcoming next time¨ he stated

I stared at him in disbelief but he just glared at me till I got in the car. I was scared and I didn´t know what was going to come out of this.

Izer and Gregger were in the drivers and passenger seats, while Reno and I were in the back.

¨Are you okay Stevie?¨ Reno asked me

¨Ya ya Im fine, just ready to go home¨


————End of chapter————

Jeffersonville High School, 2019