Movie Review: Deadpool

By Joseph Wales

Deadpool is a very violent Marvel super-antihero movie, and has a lot of humor in it to keep you awake if you don’t like your movies without comedy. If you’re a big Ryan Reynolds fan you would want to watch it because he is Deadpool the pan-sexual superhero dressed like a superhero and he usually does pretty good in superhero movies because he has done plenty of them.

In the movie at first Ryan Reynolds was a former Special Forces Operative who now works as a mercenary. Then everything goes bad when a evil scientist named Ajax tortures him. Then he does a experiment on Ryan Reynolds which transforms him into Deadpool with healing powers, a crazy sense of humor and a messed up face which is the only reason he keeps on the mask. But with help from mutant allies Colossus and the Panasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool will use his new skills to hunt down the man who did it this to him and nearly destroys his life.

In this movie to me he seem to have psychosis, which is a mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality. What I think is really cool about the movie is after he gets a kill it paints the camera red. He’s always pointing, shooting, and always making jokes which were funny at most points and not as funny in few points. He even looks right into the movie camera While all that is happening which is breaking the fourth wall and I like movies that do that. So that’s my movie review on Deadpool which in my opinion was pretty good but still had some bad points in it too.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019