Me And Gengar

                                                                               By Isaak Croft


Pokemon is the best

just the old, not the rest

Gengar is my very fave

found him in a hidden cave

Then I encountered the great Team Rocket

I took the pokeball from my pocket

they told me they did not wish to fight

they decided to hire me that night

The next morning I got out of bed

I let out a sigh and scratched my head

I walked to my closet and put on my vest

I was ready for the test

I went outside and walked to a house

to steal a pokemon which resembled a mouse

soon I met the famous Ash

I battled him and kicked his ass

While he was crying I took his best friend

all that mattered was getting paid in the end

I trapped Pikachu in a shock-proof ball

he would go to Giovanni once and for all

I made it back to Team Rocket HQ

it was still wrecked from the angry Mewtwo

I walked up the crumbled stairs to get my pay

but Giovanni cheated me that day

The next day I went back with a plan fueled with anger

I would feed Giovanni and his Persian to Gengar

I battled him and he pissed his pants

When Jessie came and made it a three-way dance

Me with my ghost and her with her snake

we gave Giovanni a fight he just couldn’t take

when he lost, Gengar ate him, Persian, and Pikachu

Jessie turned to me and said “I’d rather not mess with you”

And thats the story of me and my friend

and how we got even more than money in the end.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019