Written By: Katie Case

The days of a cloud are very limited to be lonely. You pop up into existence rather quickly and you have to “unite” with another cloud to make a shape in order to stay in the sky. Over the course of a month, you grow dark, into a darker grey, until you rain. If you are not “united” with another cloud, you fall, because when you rain on your own, it’s impossible to go through it by yourself.

There are a few problems with this; He was Little, yes that was his name, and yes, he was rather small, no bigger than a small house (for a cloud, that is tiny). He couldn’t find another cloud to unite with. His time was running out and he was beginning to turn grey, already sprinkling. If he didn’t find someone soon, he would fall.

He began his journey by going across the state of Indiana. Up and down. Left and right. From the Ohio River, to the beginnings of Michigan. Looking for a cloud to unite with. He would go around to the single clouds, but when they saw him coming, they would go the other way. When he was able to get close to the other clouds without them leaving, he would bump into them, and ask if they wanted to unite. It was a simple way. A cloud that Little had known his whole life, turned him down in hopes of finding someone better. This didn’t help Little’s motivation to unite. Every rejection turned his color more grey. Little tried to not let it get to him, but you know how that goes; the harder you try not to think about something, the worse it gets. At this moment, after his thirtieth rejection, he made a vow to himself; he will unite with another, even if it was the last thing he would do. He would not surrender to the darkness. He would not fall.

Indiana was just not working for Little, so he came up with an idea: move across the states. Search across the nation. Surely he will find somebody here. He began to search. After nearly a week of going across America, he realized he was running out of time. Soon, he would turn grey, and fall. And he would not let that happen.

He headed towards Washington, maybe the dark clouds would need someone to be with, and they would unite with him, as a last resort. Little would rather be a last resort than a fallen cloud. Sadly, Washington was full of raining united clouds. Nearly all were united, except a few, who found each other while moving away from Little.

While heading up to Canada, Little ran into a grey cloud. Little took that as his chance to ask where in Canada he should journey to. The grey cloud did a little chuckle, and said to head to Paris. The land of love. That is where you will find unity. Taking the grey clouds advice, he turned toward the Atlantic Ocean, and off to Paris he went.

After a few days of travel, he was near the coast, but a dark and huge group of clouds began to rain, desperately trying to make Little fall, for the fun of it. They almost succeeded. Little was small, both physically and emotionally. Anything that happened to him, he would think about for days, and sometimes for months. He was what some would call sensitive, emotional, and an introvert. Little nearly fell from their powerful darkness and storm. He had to use all of his strength to get himself high above the ruthless clouds. It took lots of effort, and he even lost a little bit of himself in the process, but he made it. Getting to the coast, he sighed, looking at the view of where he was. Little had made it to Paris.

The first step was done; he had made it to Paris. Now, he had to unite; the part of his plan he was still unsure if he would succeed. Remembering his vow he made to himself, he knew he could do it. He was full of hope, and he would not let it go. Even though Little was smaller than before, he had hope that Paris would be the place to find another cloud to unite with. He had to. He was turning very grey, very fast. He was nearly out of time. A few more days, and he would fall. He was on the edge of being okay, and he would keep going, until he no longer had to worry about the edge.

Paris was filled with clouds, all looking for another to unite with, but the rejections started again. Little was told he was too small to be able to hold up another while they would rain. He wasn’t good enough. After being told that for the tenth time in Paris, he began to believe it.

He felt the rain coming in, taking over. He was turning completely grey, giving up. He turned to the South, heading towards the Eiffel Tower, so at least he could fall near a beautiful place.

As the darkness and the heaviness of rain began to take over, and consume him completely, another cloud came and picked Little up, held him, and helped him carry on as he rained. Then Little saw Big. The cloud who saved him. She was the size of three skyscrapers. Big was the cloud that saved Little from himself, before he fell. 

Big held on to Little as he rained. Little had found his cloud. Little would help hold her up as she rained, with the help of other clouds. Little knew they were going to make it. They would not fall.

Little’s future was set. They began to plan their whole life, and Big had a plan; to travel the world, with a group of other clouds who would help each other stay high in the sky. They had troubles, but they never worried about their place in the sky, for as long as they were united, the “edge of not being okay” would never be seen again.

To live a complete life as a cloud, Little and Big united and took shape of a heart. Traveling around the world with the groups of clouds, enjoying their lives, and helping other clouds become united with others. 

Every year on the day they met, they reach Paris, and rain right above the Eiffel Tower. They hold each other up, high in the sky, in the shape of a heart.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019