Last Night

The night black as tar with the looming feeling of death. I can hear the moths banging on the bright light post, the banging sounds as gunshots in a wooded warzone.

The lights on the streets flicker such as the ones in the horror movies I watch at night. The sound the lights humming through the night alongside the war zone of moths.

The overwhelming noises, reverberated in my head, added to the monochrome t.v screen.

T.v. playing Night of the Living Dead with the quiet yet deafening buzzing.

Preventing my sleep, staring out my window looking at the flickering light with the swarm of moths pouncing on it.

The light looks old and frail, thousands of thumbtacks embedded into it remains of old and yellowed missing signs for pets and people.

Thoughts fill my head if they were ever found alive or dead, or they just gave up looking because they knew the truth and didn’t want to see the reality.

Finally falling asleep, my eyelids are heavy my head slams onto the pillow as I enter never never land.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019