Just for You to Hear

by Davia Doogarsingh

Do you know what I find to be truly harsh?

My existence is quite near to parched

And I do not know when it all occurred

But it abuses my anatomy like a strong liquor

Out into the wind-whirring night

The moon is gone, odd that nothing is in sight

So there I am, stumbling across a long and dimmed road

From the life I had been thrown at, rudely bestowed

My eyes begin to see the brightness from the objects around me

But my mind is saying no, that the light is not profounding

Inside my head plays a mesmerizing tune

Quite catchy and somewhat long, am I a loon?

What I can make out is that my reality is one all should fear

But I guess it is just what they say just for you to hear

Jeffersonville High School, 2019