Independence Day of 1911 Going home

“Belle, are you ready to go?” My father asked. We were all ready to go to the parade.

“Yes father!” I yelled back, standing in the living room. I wore a nice sky blue dress with a white bow in my short fiery hair. My mother came downstairs carrying my baby brother, followed by my father. 


We watched as the parade went by down a long street in town. I overheard two men talking beside me. 

“I say we do it. Imagine you and me on it.” one of them commented. 

“Well there’s no telling when they’re going to get done building it, it’s so massive. I wonder how much it will cost to ride?” the other replied.

“What are you talking about?” I asked them.

“One of the biggest boats in the world is beginning made, little girl.” one of them replied as if I was stupid. 

“If you want more information the owner of that shop can tell you more about it.” the other guy recommend, pointing to a shop two blocks down. I already knew about it, I just didn’t know what these guys were talking about. I walked down the sidewalk and into Valley’s Bookstore. The place was filled with huge wooden bookshelves that seem to go on forever, with staircases attached to them. 

“Excuse me!” I called. 

“Over here! I’m in the back!” Someone called back. I wandered to the back of the store through the long bookshelves, looking at the books as I passed. I finally made it to the back of the store and found a man at the desk. 

“How can I help you?” he asked.

“Someone told me you knew more about the….” I replied. 

“Here,” he interrupted, putting a book into my hands. 

“Um, sir I’m not…”

  “Look,” He interrupted again, opening the book. The pages glowed and flipped through the book, then the pages started rapidly flying out. I started to scream. 

“I am Canall Caunal, welcome back to our world.” I heard his voice now from behind me. I finally dropped the book. I looked down at myself finding now that I now have very long blond hair that went down to my hips.

“Still beautiful.” He whispered. I looked behind me finding him touching my hair. I jerked away from him, hitting my back on the desk. I then looked up at him, noticing his black hair, and his glasses shined off the light. I reached for his glasses, but he stopped me by putting his hands on mine. 

“I see you’ve finally found what you can’t resist.” He whispered bring my hands slowly closer to his glasses. 

“Wha- what?” I asked dazed. 

  “It’s one of the pleasures of being like us.” He smiled. What is this? I don’t know.

“Stay away from me!” I yelled jerking myself away again and started running. The bookshelves turned into a maze. Every time I’m far away it’s open and I can see the exit, but when I ran closer it seemed like I was barely moving. The bookshelves slowly closed and a new path, either left or right, is made. I ran for what seemed like hours in there, and then I came to what seems to be the front of the store. I burst open the door, looking around to find myself on top of a grassy hill near a stream. It was dark and the fireworks were starting from the town in the distance. I was so out of breath and tired from running, but I had to get away from this place. I ran across the hill, picked up my dress, and crossed the stream. I looked up and saw a blazing blue firework coming right at me. Had fireworks ever looked like this before? So bright and full of color. No, this has to be some sort of witchcraft or something. What did he do to me? I wanted to move but I couldn’t. I wanted to stand there forever. The firework came closer and closer and finally blew up in front of me making me fly back into the stream. When I went across the stream it wasn’t that deep but now it felt like I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. 

“You are known as a Hidden Horror which is a monster, creature, mysterious being, whatever you would like to call us, your name is Liberty.” 

I felt someone jerk me from the stream and onto land. I looked up and found him above me as I laid on the ground soaked. 

“Stay away from me!” I yelled getting up.

“But why?” He asked. I stood there and thought for a moment.

“What’s your name?” He asked. Something feels wrong. What is wrong? 

“Liberty.” I replied. Wait I know him. Not from the bookstore and not from here. 

“Come home with me, Liberty.” He smiled. Wait wait wait…my home isn’t here, It never was. This guy, he found me. 

“Where is home?” I asked.

“The Horror side, where people like us can live without hiding who we are.” He explained. I came here because…I got lost, but what about mother and father, and my baby brother. That’s right they just found me and with no papers or anything they adopted me right then and there in the woods. Who are my real parents?

“If you come with me I can show you.” He smiled. I thought for a moment.

“Take me there.” I replied.

“I summon the dimensions of the East, South, North, and West. The four corners of that realm. Reveal it to me!” He whispered. A green sword appeared, floated in front of us. He took my hand then garb the floating sword. Next thing I knew we were in a different forest. I looked around, the trees, grass, and night time bugs glowed. I stood there taking it all in. This place, this is my home. This man, took me home. I hugged the man and started crying. The man hugged back and stroked my long hair. 

“I’m home, I’m home.” I cried. 

“Yes.” the man smiled.


~ Pixie Meadow 

(Wattpad writer of Horrors Eyes)

Jeffersonville High School, 2019